Thursday, November 22, 2007

Get your Children for sex at

SHoCkIng headline isn't it?

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No - We don't really have access to the 7.5M records of family data that the Government lost on the 18th October 2007. We only wanted to highlight in visual terms just one of the many disastrous and horrible things that could be done with this information if (or when?) it falls into the wrong hands.

We hope we have not upset you too much - we are equally disgusted and appalled by the type of content parodied on the main page. However it sometimes needs a bit of a shock to bring ones mind into focus.

This loss of data is unforgivable, the mere fact that it is possible for someone working in the HMRC to download ALL DATA for EVERY PERSON in the UK receiving Child Benefit, burn it to a disc and stick it in their pocket is a disgrace.

How we can do this

Because the UK Government and Civil Service are apparently incompetent.

OK so this is a fake paedophile site, but it really REALLY strikes home what is wrong with and how serious the Government's mis-handling of OUR PRIVATE data is.

We can never trust the government to protect or look after our private data. Refuse to comply with the ID card.

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