Wednesday, December 14, 2005

White Flag for Cameron?

PMQ's score: 2 - 0 to Blair. Cameron may be overdoing the cameraderie in the House of Commons. I know he wants an end to punch and Judy politics, but does that really mean he should try to turn into PMQ's into some kind of mutual admiration society? it is as much of a let down as Gene Simmonds meeting Simon Cowell. 2 great egos about to meet and how would they react? They loved each other!

What is it with Cameron's insistance that he be seen as not disagreeing with, and with helping Blair? Does he not realise that he actually is now the leader of the opposition? or is he secretly a fifth column inside the tory party who is there to help the neo-cons keep dominion over all British politics?

It is early days, I know, but there is plenty of stuff that Blair should be critisied for, but Cameron would rather help Blair to privatise Schools and Hospitals by stealth and starve the developing world with backwards trade that only supports the rich nations, whilst actually screwing the poor one's.

That talk of lowering tarrifs and opening areas of free trade to all, but would never EVER dare actually commit to creating policy in this direction.

It looks like Blair and Cameron are actually trying to create a merger of New tory and New Labour. By all means agree and work together where it actually makes obvious sense to do so, but come ON!

Is there nothing Blair has done that deserves 'ripping him a new one' over? Surely Cameron can begin to hold Blair to account on something?

How blatant can they be? the Powers that be know that under our totally screwed electoral system, that they will only face Cameron or Brown at the next election. Blair has declared his total surrender to the Blairite (neo-con - Rothschild) agenda. Cameron, by his actions thus far, is showing he is doing likewise. We really REALLY need a peaceful revolution in this country now.

./ later

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cameron - Blair Lite?

I have just watched the first exchanges between Blair and Cameron (This year's conservative party leader) and I am now worried.

It would seem that Cameron is intent on not only seeking more of a concensus politics (which I welcome) but to seek to be a crutch to a disastrous Blair Government and assist that government get it's policies through.

He looks at this early stage to be a total let down!

./ later