Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Here's to 2007

Have a wonderful and peaceful new year!

We start 2007 without Saddam Hussien. Publicly hanged at dawn yesterday. (a war crime in breach of international law) He was hanged for the deaths of only 148 Iraqis. These Iraqis had been accused, charged and found guilty in court of plotting to kill Saddam. If 148 Texan townsmen had been similarly found guilty of plotting to kill Bush, then they too would have faced the death sentence in The USA surely?

Whatever, if Saddam must have been executed for the deaths of 148 Iraqis, then what about Bush, Cheney and Blair? For each of these 148 Iraqis, another thousand+ more Iraqis have died due to the murderous policies of Bush and Blair's administrations.

In case you are under the misaprehension that Saddam was hanged for killing thousands of Iraqis, for gassing his own people at Halabja, or for the abuse, torture and murder of tens of thousands of Kurds and Shias, then you are mistaken. He was tried for the deaths of only 148 men. The other alledged crimes are left un-investigated and unresolved. the victims left without justice, their stories left as propaganda for the west to keep regurgitating to accomodate their bloodlust.

There have been mass graves uncovered, but in total only about 50,ooo victims of the combination of Saddam's cruelty and the victims of the Iran vs Iraq war. A war in which saddam was helped, and encouraged every savage step of the way by the USA. Don Rumsfeld himself being a major supporter of Saddam at that time.

So Saddam was hanged for the deaths of 148 men. The west glibly announce that this is justice for the victims of Saddams Brutal regime. What, where and when will the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed since the totally illegal and immoral invasion on 2003 see their justice?

I ask you, if it was your country that had some foreign nation lay a massive campaign of disinfo, misinfo and blatant lies about, and your nation's leader had tried to comply with international laws and rules, but clearly could not (As Saddam tried to comply, but he could not hand over the WMD to the UN weapons inspectors, because he no longer had any WMD and the west KNEW this at the time!!!) and then if your nation was invaded, your leader overthrown to be replaced by a murdering bunch of thugs and theives and torturing rapists. Your nation's natural wealth plundered, your nation's laws re-written to suit the invaders, your prisons turned over to people to torture on a scale in excess of the prior leadership etc etc etc..

At what point would YOU stop fighting against the invaders????

Saddam was executed wrongly. We cannot right that wrong! However we could make up for it by granting justice to the many more numerous victims of Bush and Blair's crimes. They should be executed in Baghdad and laid to rest alongside Saddam.

In 2007, support your troops, DEMAND they be brought home. Demand that the whole world works to end war, poverty and the conflicts in Africa, the middle east and Asia.

We live in a world that is far more peaceful than violent. The vast majority of the planet is currently at peace. Out of the 6.75 Billion people sharing this lump of spinning rock, more than 6 Billion of them are NOT at war. Look out of your window, chances are, no matter where you are in this world, you are NOT at war either.

Remember that and that war is the exception to the human condition and it is because of a minority of greedy and evil leaders that war continues at all. It is time for humanity to evolve, to grow up and take real responsibility for this planet, clean it up, stop filling it with ever more people and to live and grow together in peace.

This journey continues in 2007. We need to accellerate this process and work to rid the world of these evil political leaders and only grant power to those who serve humanity and freedom, not those who abuse and enslave.

Please have a wonderful and peaceful 2007. Here's to a year of increasing peace and awareness of our infinate consciousness. A year of the demons being ever more clipped back, their wealth, influence, and capabilities stalled. The dark forces are failing and will continue to fail more and more in 2007. We are witnessing the fall of Rome, and the ascent of the human spirit.

Here's to 2007!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Time Magazine Person of the year, YOU!!

What a strange year this has been. The awakening of the great mass of people to the extent that only a tiny vocal and terrified minority still cling to the belief that the US Administration or the British Government still are acting as a benevolent force for peace and democracy, fighting evil terrorists and trying to create a better world for all of us. The reality is, of course the opposite. Blair and Bush are, (as I write these words) working to create a new dictatorship in Iraq. They wish to overthrow the current unelected Prime Minister and install another 'Saddam'. A strong-man who will crush all dissent for the benefit of the US/UK.

The public are awakening to this in ever greater numbers. Awarenes of many truths are increasing at an exponential rate and this is largely due to blogs like this one, and of the manifestation of truth as highlighted in my experiment.

This leads to the award of Time Magazine's Person of the Year award. They have awarded this to you, and to me and to all users of the internet. Particularly those who have taken control of the internet as a means to educate and inform. I personally take that to mean bloggers like me.

Of course I deserve this recognition. I have spent countless hours upon hours browsing the internet, researching and writing in my blog and writing in to mainstream media institutions and blogs alike.

I have worked tirelessly for peace, highlighting and passing on the blatant lies of Bush and Blair. The fraudulance of the case for war, the sure knowledge (confirmed further this week by a former civil servant) that Blair knew Iraq was not a threat. The decision to invade regardless of WMD (As shown in Downing St. Memos) and as been admitted through Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and Blair all stating clearly on the record recently, that if they knew then what they know now, that they would have STILL invaded.

The WMD issue was a lie. The invasion is purely about western hegemony and a pursuit to [adopt evil comic-book villian character here] Take over the world HA HA HA HA!!! No, seriously. The Cheney neo-cons are seriously THAT CRAZY!

The internet community has managed inform and warn the public as to the real dangers, to expose the lies and basically do what the mainstream media has been FAILING to do. In fact, the Mainstream media acted, not as an honest broker of news and information, but as a paid cheerleader for Government propaganda.

As a part of the internet community that spread the truth, and as part of the community that has mobalised public opinion against the evil lies of Blair et-al. Evil? Yes, for how else can you describe deliberate and willful intent to lie to gain support for an illegal war and therefore the mass-murder of tens upon tens upon tens of thousands of innocent men women and children, and the mutilation of hundreds of thousands more. Yea, this is what Ian Huntley is doing time in prison for times 100,000!!! I cannot think of a more suitable adjective than evil. Blair personifies evil in his fake sincerity, whilst his policies indiscriminately kill thousands.

On behalf of,,,,, and many many more dedicated reporters of truth, I accept this honour.

Thank you.