Friday, December 24, 2010

Victory is ours!

With reference to this long post, I am finally delighted and overwhelmingly happy that a long and bitter campaign against an intrusive, totalitarian measure has finally succeeded in the abolition of the ID card scheme.

On the 20th December, the Bill to abolish the ID card scheme received Royal Assent.

Freedom and liberty must always be defended, preferably by peaceful means.

Congratulations to everyone who lifted a finger to help in this scheme. From the brilliant NO2ID campaign all the way down to everyone who wrote letters and emails and commented on blogs and media websites.

Not a single window was smashed, nor business ruined by confused anarchists to achieve this victory.

Thank you all.

We must ever be vigilant against the state becoming too big for its boots and taking too much power from us.

There is still much more to do, but for this one battle, victory is indeed VERY sweet indeed.