Thursday, July 14, 2011

A rare update

Whilst I am appalled by the alleged behaviour of a number people who allegedly broke the law to get news stories for News International and I do not in any-way-shape-or-form, condone such activity, I am utterly revolted by labour's hypocritical, cynical, party-political, selfish and lie-filled stance on this whole sickening episode.

From 1994 - 2010 labour policy mirrored News International policy.

ALL the criminality happened on labour's watch.

Labour's own spin and smear machine was in full operation during this time that labour were in bed with Murdoch and when the hacking and blagging was allegedly taking place..

There is far far more shit on labour's hands than on Cameron's over this.

Ed Miliband STILL TO THIS DAY is employing an ex-NI journalist, as his director of communications, who is implicated in an alleged illegal blagging scam. I have not heard one single labour MP question Miliband's judgement on this and so far, in spite of these allegations being raised and passed to police, Miliband has utterly failed to issue any substantive statement on the issue comparable with the allegations he is throwing out against Cameron and Coulson.

This whole episode makes labour look far worse than the tories.

After all it is Cameron who is following the law, and lawful procedure to open up and fully investigate this, under oath and in public.

Labour covered it all up when they were in office, and now in opposition seek to use media spin and allegations to convict, without proper trial, people who have not even been charged with a crime yet, let alone lawfully convicted.

Compared to labour's disgusting and hypocritical, party political, behaviour in this, Cameron's hands are clean. Labour have only looked at this with an eye to narrow party political interest. They have ignored all the cases of hacking, blagging and improper relationships between former Minsters and the left wing media.

Cameron is opening it all up to ALL media, left, right and independent and the relationship between Media and the police and the media and all current and former Ministers.

For Brown to complain about a "criminal underworld" in News International when labour MPs and former Minister's in Brown's cabinet are in prison for their own criminal acts and further when Tom Watson expresses fake outrage and sympathy for the hacking of phones of victims of the September 11th attacks, when his own party thought that September 11th was a "good day to bury bad news!" shows with crystal clarity what is wrong with the labour party's morality.

I look forward to the open, public inquiries exposing more and more labour sleaze, lies and corruption from their disastrous 13 years in office, working for the Murdoch press.