Thursday, January 25, 2007

At last, some common sense. Who'd have thought it?

The director of public prosecutions, Sir Ken Macdonald, put himself at odds with the home secretary and Downing Street last night by denying that Britain is caught up in a "war on terror" and calling for a "culture of legislative restraint" in passing laws to deal with terrorism.

Sir Ken warned of the pernicious risk that a "fear-driven and inappropriate" response to the threat could lead Britain to abandon respect for fair trials and the due process of law....

Sir Ken (great name) should be highly commended for speaking truth to power. At last some common sense.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Needed: New BS meter. Mine just exploded!

The President of the USA is in trouble. His poll numbers are in the toilet and with even more unpopular policies in the pipeline, he is to deliver his State of the Union Address in the next 24 hours.

It is against this back drop that an Al Queda video suddenly appears, specifically targeting the 21,000 new troops heading to Baghdad. You have got to admire the timing. Just when Bush needs a populist boost for his 'purge', along comes Al Queda, right on time, to help him out. How kind.

And people still doubt that Al Queda is a CIA psyop.

If the mainstream media allows you to see the video, pay close attention to the quality, backdrop and the way the face moves. It is clearly a computer generated fake and a poor one at that. It is a digitally altered manipulation of Ayman Alzawahri created, specifically, to help a desparate Bush.

Watch this and decide for yourself what is possible:

and this is the quality of the video image:

Fake or real? you decide

This video is poor quality, but are we really being expected to believe that, on the one hand, AL Queda is a global threat to the most sophisticated and technologically advanced nation on earth, well funded it can afford an endless supply of armunition, explosive and even WMD if it can find any, It can launch simultaneous global attacks against US interests, it is the greatest threat faced by the west since the cold war. AND on the other hand, they cannot find a decent quality video camera for love nor money, hence the grainy internet pictures. BS! These pictures are either grainy and pixelated because:

A) They are a digitally created fake and the grainy, pixelated pictures are deliberate to hide the obvious manipulation, or
B) As in the superb documentary, the power of nightmares,(below) the real Al queda really are a tiny organisation that cannot frighten a camel, let alone the USA, and the CIA's or Mossad's version of Al Queda is required to frighten the western population into abject submission to the Western Government's will.

Or a bit of both!

For the truth on Al queda watch these:
Part 1:

Part 2

Part 3

Educate and inform yourself. The evil old guard is failing. Humanity is evolving. Love and peace to you all.

Monday, January 22, 2007

We are seeing the dawning of peace.

The linked article shows clearly that the Iranian nuclear issue shall be resolved peacefully. We move towards peace and witness the Israeli's extremists fail in their demands for a nuclear attack on Iran.

We need leaders of vision and uncommon courage and resolve to pursue peaceful outcomes. We are experienceing the beginning of a process whereby the Iranians are becoming more moderate and the extremists are losing support. We need to be engaging with the moderate Iranians and helping them to create their nuclear power-stations in return for the promised entry into the global fold. The world needs moderate people in positions of power. Impeach those who would wage war as a first resort, whether they be Iranian, Israeli or American.

Peace and love to all.

Additionally, Iran has just announced that it is banning some IAEA inspectors from conducting inspections. In various places in the dishonest mainstream media, this is being mis-reported as the Iranians banning the IAEA. This is not true. They are stopping some specific members of the IAEA from visiting and Iran is completely within their rights and this action is 100% legal. That is something that even FOX news (to its credit and my surprise) admitted.

Friday, January 19, 2007

And these people believe they are part of the world's most superior nation.

There are stupid people in every country, BUT these countries do not believethat they are the best and most intelligent country in the world. They do not have people supporting every dumb military misadventure without having the first clue about what is being fought over, where or why or what the consequences are.

Many of the people here are allowed to vote! HOW SCARY IS THAT!!! Now I know why the imbecile (a dunce; blockhead; dolt) in the video below got so many votes. This is typical of the mentality of people who support the war, purely because they are so stupid that they do not realise that they don't have to support it. I bet after these interviews they went straight onto yahoo answers. It would explain a lot!

The world is in dire peril!

I think it is time that presidential candidates took an IQ test before being allowed to run for high office. Surely, when you are looking to place someone in a position of high power, you expect that they are intelligent and more capable than average. The highest level positions need to be filled by the best possible candidates.

American supporters of Bush should realise that this video is exactly what the rest of the world thinks Bush is.

If you support bush, does this video really make you feel proud that he is what is representative of America in the world today?

And the clip of the party at the end? That was filmed at about 5:00am May 2nd 1987. the morning of the general election victory of the Labour Party in the UK. This was the labour leadership (and Kinnock) celebrating wrestling power from the Tories after 18 years. So in reality it shows a bunch of very happy, but very tired old farts 'dad dancing' OK they don't have a natural rythm and look like prats, but that is not what they were elected for. I don't care how my political leaders look on the dancefloor. I do care how they perform in their duties at looking after the state. Unfortunately, labour are better dancers than they are statesmen.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hain?

Mr Peter Hain MP has labeled the current Administration, 'the most right wing in living memory'. he has stated that the neo-con agenda has been knocked for six and is delighted that the democrats have done so well in the November mid-terms.

This is supposedly to position himself in a better light to attract the grass-roots support in the Labour party deputy leaders election.

Well, forgive me for having a functioning memory and brain, BUT, He NEVER EVER CONTRADICTED THE NEO-CONS ON ANY POLICY!

He voted to go to war, and if he genuinely believed that Iraq had WMD at the time, then he was as big an idiot then as he is a liar and spiv now!

He has loyally supported every right wing policy of Blair over the last 10 years and has been as right wing as the neo-cons he supported.

Peter Hain MPHe cannot back away from his past. And, if he believes that the neo-con agenda has been knocked off course, then he is clearly STILL an idiot, as the neo-cons send 21,000 more troops to Iraq and they are gearing up for a military attack on Iran!

Hain is a weak, cowardly spiv. he is just as detestable as all the other labour cabinet put together. Now he is realising the extent as to how wrong he has been, he is fleeing as far from his decisions as possible. It will not do.

Hain IS A NEO-CON PUPPET! He has been in bed with them and is every bit as guilty as them for the mess of Iraq as they are, He has toured the TV News studios Backing Tony Blair to the hilt for years.

Hain looks like a desparately foolish and cowardly man.

Monday, January 15, 2007

It's not a right vs left thing. It's a right vs wrong thing.

I am increasing hacked off at being accused of being a liberal because I am against war crimes and idiotic shortsighted strategically inept military adventures overseas. Sure the liberals may be against the Iraq war because it is an easy stick with which to beat a tired, corrupt and incompetent administration bereft of ideas other than for their own personal survival and enrichment, but in reality the Iraq war is just plain bad.

Any way you slice it, the iraq war is wrong. And that is not a liberal view, its a common sense, decent, honest, truthful and conservative view.

As a lifelong conservative, I am appalled that I am more and more agreeing with liberals, as the CON-servatives move further and further away from real conservatism to nestle on the banks of a neo-fascist extremist interventionist worldview. REAL conservatives are appalled also at how the CON-servatives waste billions in support of terrorist regimes (Bush is the best recruitment sergeant Al Queda ever had) to create fear at home to terrify the population into submission.

Conservatives like small Government and people taking care of and taking responsibility for themselves. Conservatives do not waste billions on constructing extensive surveillance systems for controlling people.

Conservatives believe in a fair and level playing field for business, not tax free handouts for corporations whilst small businesses are stifled by increased taxes and red tape.

Conservatives support working people. Conservative believe in playing fairly by the rules and being honest.

The current CON-servatives (republicans, pro war democrats and Tony Blair's cabinet) are a sad stain on the name conservative.

They are really fascists.

Conservatives are against the this war too.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Impeach them all!

It is my belief that the current potentially catastrophic problems in the world today could be solved and fairly soon. ie within the next 12 - 18 months.

We the people of this planet do have the opportunity and ability to make a very positive change, if we only had the brass cahoneys to sieze it.

In the west, we have many voices calling loudly for the impeachment of Bush. In the middle east, in Iran, the Parliament is starting impeachment proceedings against president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I hope both cases of impeachment succeed!

We need to start calling, sending letters and faxes by the million in support of peacefull and legal measures that lead to the removal of tyrants at home and abroad.

Click here to support these measure now!

My experiment appears to be creating ever more examples supporting the theory of the law of attraction. These are but two, but as time continues this year, we will se more and more.

Peace and love to all.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

CNN apologizes for Obama gaffe in Bin Laden graphic

It is hardly surprising that the mainstream media fools over at CNN made a simple mistake of getting Obama and Osama mixed up. After all, they had Osama and Saddam mixed for well over a year prior to Saddam's arrest.

Can the media really be so stupid as to allow these basic errors go unchecked? Or is there a far more sinister deliberation involved?

Monday, January 01, 2007

More awakenings

As we venture into the undescovered and fresh new dawn of 2007, There feels like the awakening is accelerating.

More and more people are waking and understanding where we find oursleves, spiritually and in reality.

At a new year party last night, the subject of Saddam's execution was brought up, typically, in the form of a joke: Why should saddam be in porn films? Because he is bloody well-hung!

Well this (to my surprise) did not get a laugh, or even a mild titter. But people stood silent for a short while and then each person in the room expressed their disgust in the manner of Saddam's demise.

Now for those reading this, the party was not at a muslim house, nor was it attended by anyone with any natural sympathy for Saddam at all. In fact it was at a house in a white 'working class' Northern town with a labour MP. This is a typical 'salt of the earth' working class area. at the party where people of all political persuasions, but everyone was disgusted at the way in which Saddam was publicly executed and in the way in which we all where collectively tarred, as British subjects, with the same brush as Blair.

Christians, atheists, labour supporters, tories and independents all agreed upon what was wrong. All agreed that Bush and Blair are the greatest terrorists on earth.

When many people from such diverse backgrounds and beliefs all agree on these things, then surely an awakening of consciousness is taking place. The dark forces are losing. 2007 shall bear witness to even greater understandings of the awakening of the human spirit.

With peace and love to all. Happy new year!