Monday, January 15, 2007

It's not a right vs left thing. It's a right vs wrong thing.

I am increasing hacked off at being accused of being a liberal because I am against war crimes and idiotic shortsighted strategically inept military adventures overseas. Sure the liberals may be against the Iraq war because it is an easy stick with which to beat a tired, corrupt and incompetent administration bereft of ideas other than for their own personal survival and enrichment, but in reality the Iraq war is just plain bad.

Any way you slice it, the iraq war is wrong. And that is not a liberal view, its a common sense, decent, honest, truthful and conservative view.

As a lifelong conservative, I am appalled that I am more and more agreeing with liberals, as the CON-servatives move further and further away from real conservatism to nestle on the banks of a neo-fascist extremist interventionist worldview. REAL conservatives are appalled also at how the CON-servatives waste billions in support of terrorist regimes (Bush is the best recruitment sergeant Al Queda ever had) to create fear at home to terrify the population into submission.

Conservatives like small Government and people taking care of and taking responsibility for themselves. Conservatives do not waste billions on constructing extensive surveillance systems for controlling people.

Conservatives believe in a fair and level playing field for business, not tax free handouts for corporations whilst small businesses are stifled by increased taxes and red tape.

Conservatives support working people. Conservative believe in playing fairly by the rules and being honest.

The current CON-servatives (republicans, pro war democrats and Tony Blair's cabinet) are a sad stain on the name conservative.

They are really fascists.

Conservatives are against the this war too.

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