Friday, January 19, 2007

The world is in dire peril!

I think it is time that presidential candidates took an IQ test before being allowed to run for high office. Surely, when you are looking to place someone in a position of high power, you expect that they are intelligent and more capable than average. The highest level positions need to be filled by the best possible candidates.

American supporters of Bush should realise that this video is exactly what the rest of the world thinks Bush is.

If you support bush, does this video really make you feel proud that he is what is representative of America in the world today?

And the clip of the party at the end? That was filmed at about 5:00am May 2nd 1987. the morning of the general election victory of the Labour Party in the UK. This was the labour leadership (and Kinnock) celebrating wrestling power from the Tories after 18 years. So in reality it shows a bunch of very happy, but very tired old farts 'dad dancing' OK they don't have a natural rythm and look like prats, but that is not what they were elected for. I don't care how my political leaders look on the dancefloor. I do care how they perform in their duties at looking after the state. Unfortunately, labour are better dancers than they are statesmen.

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