Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Needed: New BS meter. Mine just exploded!

The President of the USA is in trouble. His poll numbers are in the toilet and with even more unpopular policies in the pipeline, he is to deliver his State of the Union Address in the next 24 hours.

It is against this back drop that an Al Queda video suddenly appears, specifically targeting the 21,000 new troops heading to Baghdad. You have got to admire the timing. Just when Bush needs a populist boost for his 'purge', along comes Al Queda, right on time, to help him out. How kind.

And people still doubt that Al Queda is a CIA psyop.

If the mainstream media allows you to see the video, pay close attention to the quality, backdrop and the way the face moves. It is clearly a computer generated fake and a poor one at that. It is a digitally altered manipulation of Ayman Alzawahri created, specifically, to help a desparate Bush.

Watch this and decide for yourself what is possible:

and this is the quality of the video image:

Fake or real? you decide

This video is poor quality, but are we really being expected to believe that, on the one hand, AL Queda is a global threat to the most sophisticated and technologically advanced nation on earth, well funded it can afford an endless supply of armunition, explosive and even WMD if it can find any, It can launch simultaneous global attacks against US interests, it is the greatest threat faced by the west since the cold war. AND on the other hand, they cannot find a decent quality video camera for love nor money, hence the grainy internet pictures. BS! These pictures are either grainy and pixelated because:

A) They are a digitally created fake and the grainy, pixelated pictures are deliberate to hide the obvious manipulation, or
B) As in the superb documentary, the power of nightmares,(below) the real Al queda really are a tiny organisation that cannot frighten a camel, let alone the USA, and the CIA's or Mossad's version of Al Queda is required to frighten the western population into abject submission to the Western Government's will.

Or a bit of both!

For the truth on Al queda watch these:
Part 1:

Part 2

Part 3

Educate and inform yourself. The evil old guard is failing. Humanity is evolving. Love and peace to you all.

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