Monday, January 22, 2007

We are seeing the dawning of peace.

The linked article shows clearly that the Iranian nuclear issue shall be resolved peacefully. We move towards peace and witness the Israeli's extremists fail in their demands for a nuclear attack on Iran.

We need leaders of vision and uncommon courage and resolve to pursue peaceful outcomes. We are experienceing the beginning of a process whereby the Iranians are becoming more moderate and the extremists are losing support. We need to be engaging with the moderate Iranians and helping them to create their nuclear power-stations in return for the promised entry into the global fold. The world needs moderate people in positions of power. Impeach those who would wage war as a first resort, whether they be Iranian, Israeli or American.

Peace and love to all.

Additionally, Iran has just announced that it is banning some IAEA inspectors from conducting inspections. In various places in the dishonest mainstream media, this is being mis-reported as the Iranians banning the IAEA. This is not true. They are stopping some specific members of the IAEA from visiting and Iran is completely within their rights and this action is 100% legal. That is something that even FOX news (to its credit and my surprise) admitted.

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