Tuesday, October 09, 2007

HOW to get Ron Paul as President!

Thanks and Kudos to Karl Schwarz for this easy guide to Get Ron Paul into the white House, despite of vote fraud and the East Coast Establishment's desire to have a Bush/Clinton dynasty.


Here is the easy way to get Ron Paul through the Republican Primaries, through the November 2008 elections and into the White House.

A. Get yourself registered to vote in the Republican primary in your state of residence and do it right now. Several states are trying to put in cut off dates as early as October 12, 2007 to block such acts by you. New Hampshire and New York are two such states, so get in gear and do it now.

B. Take the primary day off, the entire day. As an American you have a duty to yourself, your family and your nation, so get on the front line and stay there all day. What front line you ask? The voting precinct where you are legal to vote. That battle line. Take the entire day off on the general election day too. Your nation needs you on the real front line.

C. Well before the Primary Election Day take the following to a Notary Public, two copies of the following. Have both copies signed in the presence of a Notary Public, and have both of them dated, signed and the Notary Public seal affixed to both copies. The closer to the Primary Election Day that is dated the better.

D. Use this text: Below that put a signature line for your signature and your full name under the signature line. Do not sign it until you go to a Notary Public and sign it in the presence of that person. Down the page center this “

Start of an 8.5x11 piece of paper:


“I, __________________ [your full name], Driver License Number, street address, city, state, ZIP CODE, a resident of the State of _____________, County of ___________do hereby affirm that I am an eligible voter in my state of residence, (Voter ID Number would not hurt if you have to present such to vote such as a Voter Registration Card) and my vote for President of the United States of America is:

Representative Ron Paul, Republican, State of Texas.”

__________________________ [your signature line and signed in front of the Notary Public person]

Your full name clearly printed (typed is better)


State of _______________
County of _______________

Before me, __(name of the Notary Public)____, in and for said state, on this ____ day of ____, ____, personally appeared _____(Your full name)____, to me known to be the identical person who executed the within and foregoing instrument and acknowledged to me that __(he/she)_______ executed the same as _____(his/her) vote for President of the United States)____________ as a free and voluntary act and deed for the uses and purposes therein set forth.

Notary Public in and for the State of ________________________

Print Name:

Commission Expires:

Note: make sure you leave room for the Notary Public seal

End of 8.5x11 page

The following is another possible format and some states have their own required format and are instructions to the notary, not you.

1. When notarizing a signature on a document [Most frequently requested notarial act]:

State of Montana
County of (Where you are performing the notarization)

Signed and acknowledged before me on (date) by (name of Notary Public person witnessing the signing of document) .


(Signature of Notary)

(Name - typed, stamped, or printed)

Notary Public for the State of Montana


Residing at (city where notary lives)

My Commission Expires (Month / Day / Four digit Year)

Do two such pieces of paper for the Republican Primary in your home state and do the exact same thing [two notarized pieces of paper as to how you really voted] on the day of the General Election for President.

DO NOT press any button on any electronic voting machine regarding a vote for President of the United States. That is how and where they are screwing you and all of America in picking the next puppet to put into the White House. Vote for you local issues, US representative, Senator, governor, school board, but DO NOT push a button on that machine for any presidential candidate. Also, if they are using paper ballots that are then scanned by a machine, put no mark for President. Your “MARK” for president is a notarized 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.

Leave one on the desk in the voting precinct and stand outside with the other until they certify the vote in your precinct. In fact, advise them in the precinct that all of you are going to be right outside with the paper receipt of how you really voted for President.

Now, the reason you need to stay there all day and you need to have two copies is simple if you think about it.

Let’s say hypothetically there are 1,500 voters who vote in your precinct and when they certify the vote and declare that Rudy Giuliani or John McCain won that precinct say 62% to 38% but 70% of the voters are standing right there with Notarized documents as to how they really voted, the RNC will be caught red handed in election fraud and that is a felony in virtually every state in the United States.

If enough Americans get off their butts in the General Election, both RNC and DNC will be caught red handed trying to steal the White House and steal your future too.

I wonder if that 71% of eligible voters that sit on their butts during elections can get off their butts if there is a chance to take back America from this criminal cabal that has hijacked America?

The media will be dumbfounded. How can Wolf Blitzer build up the drama on his election night show if Americans in the tens of millions have a written trail [evidence] of how the vote really went?

Consider the entertainment value for yourself on this one and imagine them try to spin their way out of their deceit. The entire world will see them for what they are and so will all of America.

The Exit Poll Pundits will not be able to lie about the true exit poll numbers if overwhelming numbers for Ron Paul are standing right there with paper receipts outside and left exact copies of that notarized document inside as the real vote.

They cannot force America to vote on rigged machines, so stop being an unthinking American, or a Sheeple that does whatever they tell you to do, and take action to take back America.

The RNC and DNC are working overtime right now to steal the elections again. For the love of your nation, do not let them do it again.

We do not need guns and bullets to force these thugs from power.

All that is needed are 4 notarized pieces of paper as to what the true vote is, take two days off to guard your own future, and stand on the front line all day.

We take America back, these thugs are going down and they know it.

All we need is a Revolution and an honest man, and in this instance the REVOLUTION IS YOUR ACTION.

Best regards,


Monday, October 08, 2007

Brown is taking the piss!

Democracy? He cannot be serious.

It wasn't the media that hired election officials, briefed the Unions, the media, started robo-calling potential electors, hired bill-boards and basically did everything required to call an election, short of actually calling one.

Browns team, in time honoured tradition, briefed the media on everything leading up to the announcement and used the media to his own ends the whole way through. He was working towards calling an election, did everything required in order to call that election, but as soon as the polls began to show a dip, he ran away scared. Now he is lying about it and he has made his pets in the media look foolish and they will not ever forget that, I hope!

As for democracy, well, when the labour party has an inbuilt majority of 60 because of electoral boundaries, the politically ignorant and the truly well informed (and politically disgusted) alike form a combined group of up to 50% of the electorate who will not vote at all, the labour party can inflict their rule with as few as 20% of the population voting.

Gordon Brown is now displaying mind numbing cynicism alongside his supine cowardice of the weekend. "I want to demonstrate my vision for change" for two years prior to an election?

Well seeing as how Gordon is abandoning any vestige of the manifesto he was elected to implement, as seen by his obsession with "change", surely he must put that in a manifesto before the electorate? He is entitled to implement the 2005 manifesto as PM, but neither Gordon Brown, nor the current labour Government, have a mandate for change.

This "let me have a couple of years trial period" is politically obscene. Trial periods are for office juniors, not Prime Ministers. If he has any conviction whatsoever he would have the courage to stand up before the country and fight an election upon it. Otherwise, for the sake of political fairness, David Cameron, Ming Cambell and the leaders of UKIP, The Greens and the BNP surely must be given their two year trials of their visions of change too.

How craven can you get? What Gordon Brown is actually doing (and being allowed to get away with it by a media that he has made to look foolish) is to run away frit from an election, abandon the old manifesto and "try out" his new manifesto without any election whatsoever.

He is, to be very crude, pissing on the corpse of British Democracy!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Register NOW!

The Ron Paul revolution has been brilliant so far. Wouldn't it be a shame, or worse, if he were to fail because his supporters online do not actually take the action of going to their local office and registering as Republican on time to vote for him in the primaries.

Here is a list of the deadlines by state.

If you want to save your country. GET OUT THERE AND MAKE THE CHANGE. REGISTER NOW! TODAY!

Global Warming Test

I got 10 out of 10 in my first try and if you have been paying attention to my blog, so should you!