Monday, October 08, 2007

Brown is taking the piss!

Democracy? He cannot be serious.

It wasn't the media that hired election officials, briefed the Unions, the media, started robo-calling potential electors, hired bill-boards and basically did everything required to call an election, short of actually calling one.

Browns team, in time honoured tradition, briefed the media on everything leading up to the announcement and used the media to his own ends the whole way through. He was working towards calling an election, did everything required in order to call that election, but as soon as the polls began to show a dip, he ran away scared. Now he is lying about it and he has made his pets in the media look foolish and they will not ever forget that, I hope!

As for democracy, well, when the labour party has an inbuilt majority of 60 because of electoral boundaries, the politically ignorant and the truly well informed (and politically disgusted) alike form a combined group of up to 50% of the electorate who will not vote at all, the labour party can inflict their rule with as few as 20% of the population voting.

Gordon Brown is now displaying mind numbing cynicism alongside his supine cowardice of the weekend. "I want to demonstrate my vision for change" for two years prior to an election?

Well seeing as how Gordon is abandoning any vestige of the manifesto he was elected to implement, as seen by his obsession with "change", surely he must put that in a manifesto before the electorate? He is entitled to implement the 2005 manifesto as PM, but neither Gordon Brown, nor the current labour Government, have a mandate for change.

This "let me have a couple of years trial period" is politically obscene. Trial periods are for office juniors, not Prime Ministers. If he has any conviction whatsoever he would have the courage to stand up before the country and fight an election upon it. Otherwise, for the sake of political fairness, David Cameron, Ming Cambell and the leaders of UKIP, The Greens and the BNP surely must be given their two year trials of their visions of change too.

How craven can you get? What Gordon Brown is actually doing (and being allowed to get away with it by a media that he has made to look foolish) is to run away frit from an election, abandon the old manifesto and "try out" his new manifesto without any election whatsoever.

He is, to be very crude, pissing on the corpse of British Democracy!

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