Monday, April 08, 2013

Baroness Thatcher Rest In Peace.

Today is a very sad day.  I mourn the loss of one of the greatest 20th Century's leaders as Baroness Thatcher passed away.

There will be jokes and hatred spouted all over the internet as those who opposed her politics take delight in the death of a frail woman who had Althiemers.

However, it is also a sign of the freedom for all she embraced that they should be allowed to do so.

I am a very big fan of freedom as it is much better than the alternative.  And so, in appreciation of the freedom she granted to the British People, I shall exercise my freedom to praise and remember the great achievements of her life.  The massive and positive contributions she made and what we have to thank her for.

She was never a feminist. She believed in meritocracy and proved her belief in working hard and breaking barriers.  Those barriers were not broken by any political correct patronising bullshit being charitably given to her owing to her having a vagina, no, she EARNED every achievement.

She shone a beacon of possibility to every woman to show what is possible, without pandering to divisive ideals of feminists who want the same rights as men, but not to do that hard work required to compete equally with men.  Well Thatcher proved, by her indomitable will and massive talents, that woman CAN get to the top without the patronising aid of feminism.

She believed in the freedom and of rights for each individual and on giving individuals the power to achieve whatever they were capable of.  Not of grouping people together into lazy spiteful "victim groups".

She freed council tennants from the yoke of council oppression and allowed them to buy their own homes and empower them as home owners.  It was her belief in property ownership being a widespread right of all, that I am now a property owner myself.

She played a very significant part in the defeat of the Soviets and the ending of the cold war and of defeating communism.

She was the last British Prime Minister to send our troops to fight for and win back and defend British Sovereign Territory as she sent a task force all the way around the world to kick the Argentines off the British Falkland Islands.

And she also invented Mr Whippy Ice cream.

She had a scientist's mind and a dedication to fact based decision making.  A far cry from the focus group, or pressure group politics of today, where decisions are taken for any perceived emotional boost, no on whether anything will actually work in practice or not.

"Bring me the facts" she would demand of her ministers. This was how she could revel in the personal abuse that her detractors and political enemies would throw at her, for to her, personal attacks were what your opponents did, when they had lost the argument. She usually won the arguments, because she dedicated herself to being absolutely sure of her facts before she made a decision.

She was a leader of principle, courage, conviction ideology and vision. Her fact based approach to policy made her the best leader this country has had in over 100 years.

I can only dream that this country will ever get another leader as great as she was.  Nigel Farage is a pale imitation, although he is the closest thing we have. Sadly, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband are nowhere near as impressive, courageous, skilled or determined as she was.

Rest In Peace.  This country is a richer place for having had her exemplary leadership.