Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Climate change is real. Yeah, it always has been!

In my experience, most climate-sceptics want responsible consumption, want to reduce real pollution, want to stop the eradication of natural habitats. (I am appalled and outraged that our closest natural cousin, the Orang-utan is on the verge of extinction, because their habitat is being destroyed to be replaced by "green" plant-oil plantations!) We SHOULD be stopping ALL deforestation. We SHOULD be stopping hundreds of un-natural, man made chemical pollutants, but this crazy over-hype about CO2 is getting in the way and preventing urgent action!

What sceptics want, is PROOF, that the CO2 added by man to the atmosphere has stopped behaving like natural CO2 and instead of having a logarithmic increase in radiative absorption, that prevents the earth from dangerously overheating (as there isn't enough carbon based fuel on the planet to do so), but now seems to have an exponential heating effect.

I know the theory about heating causing methane release, but this did not happen over the warmer, preceding 10,000 years.

We want to SEE the original raw data that CRU and NASA Giss used and their method for reconstructing temperature. Because if they used the same GHCN "raw data", which I have, then much of the rural data does NOT show rising temperatures and the urban increases are, well, urban, as in UHI. The methods used by CRU and NASA Giss, to homogenise their data through adjustments creates a large amount of warming in the record. How can we trust their data and methods if they are not fully published?

IF the CO2 scare was real, WHY are so many of the delegates to Copenhagen chartering private jets to get there? If the delegates themselves cannot take this seriously, WHY THE HELL SHOULD I?

Further and most importantly, when my own significant personal reduction in my carbon footprint over the last five years (not flying at all, changing from a large car, to a very efficient, small diesel car, getting rid of many of my aquariums (my personal passion) and changing my personal energy usage), when all these reductions have been cancelled out by just ONE of these gulf-stream jet journeys by a scientist, or celebrity, or politician, or bureaucrat jetting into Copenhagen to lecture me on the need to not fly, then I really get pissed off!

I am incandescent with rage at these lying hypocrites! When I see them screaming at the danger of CO2 and the "end of the world" scenarios that they paint, then I see them flying all over the place, investing in sea-front property (in spite of claiming that seas will rise by 20 feet), and rejecting clean technologies, then it would appear that these people do not want clean, renewable energy, or a solution to the Carbon problem at all. They want control over us, and they want our taxes and they want billions of the world's "useless eaters" dead!

I am reminded of the following quotes:

“Complex technology of any sort is an assault on human dignity. It would be little short of disastrous for us to discover a source of clean, cheap, abundant energy, because of what we might do with it.”
- Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute

“Giving society cheap, abundant energy would be the equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun.”
- Prof Paul Ehrlich, Stanford University

“The prospect of cheap fusion energy is the worst thing that could happen to the planet.”
- Jeremy Rifkin, Greenhouse Crisis Foundation

Man made climate change sceptics, are on the whole NOT funded by "big oil" but a lot of alarmists are. I love the email where Professor Jones admits to being funded by "big oil" but not to tell anybody!

We catastrophic AGW sceptics are NOT wanting to destroy the earth, we just want TRUTH.
  • Truth about polar bears, whose population is increasing rapidly.
  • Truth about the plight of the Orang-utan, whose existence is threatened by well-meaning environmentalist idiots in search of the "green dollar".
  • Truth about ice extent, which is now increasing rapidly and that it has increased and decreased naturally by far more than it has over the last insignificant 30 year satellite record in the past.
  • Truth about temperatures, which have NOT been recorded accurately by surface stations until very recently and no longer show average temperatures rising.
  • Truth about the Medieval Warm Period, the Roman Warm Period, and the majority of this interglacial which has been WARMER than this current decade.
  • The truth that over the last 10,000 year timescale, over which timescale, the earth has been cooling.
  • The truth that whether the earth is warming, or cooling, depends ENTIRELY on which arbitrary dates are used to start the measurements and end the measurements.
  • The Truth that any recent warming is completely in line with normal variability and the KNOWN logarithmic increase in CO2, which means that for a further doubling of CO2, there will only be a 0.3 degree rise over the next century, which could be completely off-set by natural variability.
  • The Truth that climate models cannot predict future climate change IF the people programming them do not understand clouds, do not understand all the ways that the sun interacts with the earth and the oceans, do not even know how many hundreds of undersea volcanoes there are, let alone how much extra heat they may be putting into the oceans at any one time and do not have a clue about so many processes that effect climate far more immediately and radically than CO2 does.
  • The Truth that without this knowledge and without a system that can predict chaotic, non-linear systems, that climate models are useless as a predictive tool.
  • The Truth that models are only good as a way of modelling a hypothesis to test that hypothesis against reality and if the reality does not confirm the hypothesis, then it is the hypothesis that should change, and NOT THE REAL DATA.
  • The Truth that climate scientists HAVE adjusted the data to fit the hypothesis instead of admit openly that the hypothesis and the models have failed to match reality!

There IS still a huge amount of unknowns, and yet we are expected to believe, based on nothing more than blind faith, that the scientists in charge of compiling the IPCC temperature record are doing so accurately, honestly and without ANY bias whatsoever, when we also know that they are totally committed, with a religious zeal, to a political agenda that is 100% dependent upon them finding accelerating warming. [sarc] So no conflict of interest there! [/sarc]

Then when they refuse freedom of information act requests to supply THEIR data and methodology for independent review, we are supposed to trust them? When the leaked CRU emails show prima facie evidence of rigging data, of bullying other scientists, of bullying publications, of bullying editors, of perverting the peer-review process and turning it into a quasi-incestuous "in-group" of co-religionists. All of which are a perversion and debasement of science. These are actions of advocates, NOT of scientists.

Well after these revelations, which DO stand up to close scrutiny (despite what the mainstream media states, with their "nothing to see here" (for God's sake PLEASE do not look for yourself) style coverage), after these revelations, and the appalling stench of hypocrisy from private jets and gas gussling limos in Copenhagen, I am committed to the following reasoned and utterly reasonable position.

I hereby commit to the following:

I shall NOT reduce my carbon emissions unless and until the following two things are done.

1) That all the delegates to the Copenhagen conference, and ALL the politicians, scientists, celebrities and bureaucrats who believe in, and promote policies based on, man-made climate change must lead by example and STOP ALL jet travel, and instead video conference and, only when necessary, travel by wooden sailing ship (made from wood from sustainable resources)


2) That ALL the data from CRU and NASA Giss is opened up, fully audited and independently analysed in public and all issues arising from this are publicly dealt with according to the sound fundamentals of the proper scientific method and that the resulting consensus (if any) shows that the earth is warming at a dangerous rate caused solely by CO2 and that we can actually do something about it.

Until then, I refuse to help suffocate any more trees for the lying bastards in Copenhagen!