Friday, May 29, 2009

It's a terrible atmosphere of doom in Westminster.

I am sick of hearing MP's saying what a terrible fear-laden, terrifying atmosphere in Westminster at the moment.

So MP's are scared? GOOD! We just MIGHT get good democracy if the MP's and Government fear the people. After all we have had appalling democracy for the last 8 years, with the Government trying to keep all of US in a constant state of fear. (terrorism, global warming, pandemics, BNP etc...)

It's is about time that they WERE scared and it is a bloody good thing too!

As for the atmosphere being so doom-laden, well, it cannot be that bad can it? I mean, they could change that very quickly with a General election. But then they like their massive pay and perks more than the desire to really change things by giving their place at the trough up by calling an election.



Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The silent coup by stealth continues ...

If you want to enable REAL change join and DO SOMETHING POSITIVE

So we have Speaker Martin resign and so honesty and decency and integrity shall be returned to the honourable members of the Commons eh?


I’m not buying it. I am GLAD that he has promised to stand down, BUT, remember Problem, reaction, solution. The old Hegelian dialectic. The EU coup by stealth is almost complete. All they need is to break up our Parliament and remove our constitutional arrangements, and offices that are under Oath to the Queen and then we are TOTALLY consumed by the beast of the EU. Common law could be dead. They already have an army of "pretend police" who take no oath. They have allowed NATO troops, (who take no Oath to our Queen), to operate here whilst our brave soldiers are used and abused fighting illegal wars overseas. (The NATO troops were kitted and ready to go AT the G20 protests).

SO what do we have now? A scandal whereby the it appears (and I may be wrong, but, it still appears) that the Speaker’s power is now to be removed and handed over to a “respected and independent” third party (in the third sector) and the Speaker will become a symbolic and ceremonial position, powerless and usurped by traitors to the Crown.

A HUGE chunk of OUR power may have just been stolen from under our (the people’s) noses AND with our active consent and encouragement!

The only way to redress this is to vote in MASSIVE numbers for independent candidates of honour and integrity who ALSO have a knowledge and a passion and a desire to defend our constitution and our nation!

Vote Independent to SACK the traitorous and greedy MPs.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Speaker Martin's Statement...

No resignation, no call for an election, no remedy. Only a feeble request "Please do not submit expenses claims whilst we look at the system."

This is not even fiddling whilst Rome burns, this is throwing the people on the fucking fire...

They are bitching about the motion of a vote of confidence in the Speaker, not being a substantive motion and if that is allowed, or would some other kind of motion get a debate. Then Speaker Martin says these things are down to the Government...HOW RIDICULOUS AND OUT OF TOUCH!

Time for him, and the entire bunch of charlatans to go! NOW! This ridiculous delaying tactics must NOT be allowed to stand.

The country will find this statement to be utterly and completely insufficient at this time.

Some MP's are even BACKING the thieving scum in these delaying and stalling tactics. Saying that the house and the public must calm down and wait for Mr Kelly's report into expenses. BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT BULLSHIT!

I shall petition the Queen and seek a dissolution of Parliament Forthwith by way of formal written notice of this reasonable request and I suggest that we all do the same, lest I then give notice of an intention to declare lawful rebellion against the state, as indeed thousands of other good men and women have done already!

We MUST take this country back from thieves and fraudsters and traitors.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yes Your Majesty, Why don't YOU Sort it?

Her Royal Majesty the Queen Elizibeth the second has stated (according to the Sunday Express) that she is most displeased with Gordon Brown's shambolic handling of the expenses crisis. She has told him to sort it.

With Respect ma'am, but why the fuck don't YOU do something about it? Hmmmmmmmmmmm?

YOU are the only one in this country with the power to dissolve Parliament. Sure, that unilateral decision to do so would plunge this country into a technical, constitutional crisis, but then you would be seen by the vast majority of the country as a true heroin for ridding us of this necrotic Government.

Come on your maj, pull your royal finger out, lest you find even MORE subjects launching their declarations of lawful rebellion, and becoming soveriegns themselves. has started a campaign to save this nation through a radical, but blindingly obvious and simple idea. Use the general election as a weapon against the Establishent and VOTE for a local independent. SUPER IDEA!

A local independent is beholden to the electorate INSTEAD OF an easily corruptable party. Party MP's ONLY represent their party. By voting for a party, one is turning that weapon upon ourselves and voting for what the party machines want. We should turn the weapon upon the Establishment and SACK ALL THE CORRUPT, THEIVING BASTARDS at once.