Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yes Your Majesty, Why don't YOU Sort it?

Her Royal Majesty the Queen Elizibeth the second has stated (according to the Sunday Express) that she is most displeased with Gordon Brown's shambolic handling of the expenses crisis. She has told him to sort it.

With Respect ma'am, but why the fuck don't YOU do something about it? Hmmmmmmmmmmm?

YOU are the only one in this country with the power to dissolve Parliament. Sure, that unilateral decision to do so would plunge this country into a technical, constitutional crisis, but then you would be seen by the vast majority of the country as a true heroin for ridding us of this necrotic Government.

Come on your maj, pull your royal finger out, lest you find even MORE subjects launching their declarations of lawful rebellion, and becoming soveriegns themselves. has started a campaign to save this nation through a radical, but blindingly obvious and simple idea. Use the general election as a weapon against the Establishent and VOTE for a local independent. SUPER IDEA!

A local independent is beholden to the electorate INSTEAD OF an easily corruptable party. Party MP's ONLY represent their party. By voting for a party, one is turning that weapon upon ourselves and voting for what the party machines want. We should turn the weapon upon the Establishment and SACK ALL THE CORRUPT, THEIVING BASTARDS at once.

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