Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Well done you well intentioned brain dead fuckwit knuckle draggers.

I use the vernacular terms in this piece to communicate to the fucking useless retards that are the cause of this story and anyone who thinks that they are "heroes":

Sir Fred "the shred" Goodwin's home has been attacked. So, I say well-fucking-done to whomever did this. Now you are giving the banker controlled Government every fucking excuse that they could want to restrict the freedom of all UK Person's much much further. Sir Fred Goodwin was merely a very junior puppet in global banking terms and surely does not know his ass from his elbow with regards to what the Global Banking scam is all about.

If these folks that vandalised his home really wanted to be useful, then they should have at least "disappeared" the heads of every one of the elite global banking families. That MIGHT have been useful. As it is they barely scratch a lowly pawn and by so doing, risk getting the rest of us royally butt-fucked by the Banker's guard-dogs in Parliament.

How can I put this simply.... STOP ALL VIOLENT PROTEST. It does NOT work and only plays into the hands of the elite.

Learn and educate yourselves instead. Learn about your unalienable rights in law, the COMMON LAW. Learn about how to PEACEFULLY and LAWFULLY REBEL then REFUSE TO COMPLY OR GIVE CONSENT TO THEIR GAMES! Without OUR CONSENT, they are FUCKED!

GET IT? Acting PEACEFULLY and Lawfully as free flesh and blood men and women created with a soul, endowed by GOD with unalienable rights under natural law and acting within compliance with and full and willing adherence to COMMON LAW in removing OUR consent to contract with them, leaves them FUCKED!

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