Friday, March 06, 2009

This is why the mainstream news media is considered a joke...

Whilst the comedy news is getting more and more viewers all the time....

Who out of the mainstream news media and the comedy media tells it like it IS over the bank bail-outs???

Here's a little clue:

If ONLY the mainstream news had the balls? Trouble is, the banking elite OWNS the mainstream news. So banking bailouts are good. Bailouts for the public = bad.

The current bail-outs are only guaranteed to create MORE debt. Whose interest is that in? The bank's, or the public's? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Why do governments refuse to create all this bailout money and issue it direct into circulation in the form of grants to businesses and the public? The money would be given to the banks anyway in the form of deposits, but, it would massively benefit the public. NO. They create all this extra money and give it wholesale to the banks to LEND AT INTEREST. But the banks STILL will not lend. Why? They want to destroy the global economy to the extent that the public will be begging for a global solution in the form of the new global banking order that Gordon Brown keeps banging on about!

With all this bailout billions going straight to the bankers (bypassing people altogether) IF you take out a loan, (I would strongly advise against it) you will not ONLY have to repay that loan, but you will have to find the interest on that loan and you will have to repay it all over again in increased taxes to the government so that they could fund the bank to give you the loan. You will be repaying the loan twice plus interest.


Talk about over rewarding corporate failure, but shafting the fuck out of the public.

So we have traitors in Government fucking us over for our money to give to the banks for free so that they can lend us OUR OWN FUCKING MONEY AT INTEREST!!!!!

What do we do about this? Revolt? Forgedaboudit!!!! Their would be martial law enacted and the permission to shoot protesters enacted before the first petrol bomb lands.

We HAVE been given one solitary legal and peaceful and legitimate weapon though. One that WE can use against the evil fucks that are mugging us daily. The mainstream media will not tell us what it is, because they want to remain in control of the flow of information. The elitist bastards that are screwing us over daily depend on them to mislead and manipulate us into welcoming our daily betrayal. So what is this secret weapon??? Well that is not strictly true. The media are constantly telling us what this weapon is, BUT they are constantly instructing US to use it AGAINST ourselves and they instruct us how to use in to favour the rich elitist bastards that mug us everyday.

So what is this marvellous weapon?

Actually you will be disappointed to learn it is democracy. Honest, the humble general election. How is this our powerful weapon? Well, IF we all actually got bothered enough to USE IT PROPERLY, then we can finish off these corporate pricks who worship these banking fuckers FOREVER! And this is the great part, it will be ridiculously EASY to do. All we have to do is to vote against ALL those parasitic vultures that are trying to bleed us dry. All the people who support handing hundreds and hundreds of billions of pounds straight to the banking bastards that ruined this country.

Instead, give that money direct to the people in the form of business grants to help the manufacturing and export sectors create real employment and then home improvement grants, grants to scrap old cars and replace them with new, grants for domestic solar energy and wind energy improvements, etc.

Unelect EVERY sitting politician, vote against ALL mainstream political parties and ONLY vote for local independent candidates at the next general election.

Political parties can too easily be taken over and controlled by these evil elitist parasites. Look at what has happened to UKIP. Taken over by elite backed tories and destroyed as a political force by internal strife by design. The BNP will also be targeted if they become a threat to the establishment. Hierarchical political movements are very very very unlikely to be able to change anything owing to the pyramid structure which removes the power of the people to control them. They depend on a "leader" figure and this it what makes it so easy for the elite to take over these organisations. The communist agenda of Common Purpose has taken over many city councils already by simply targeting key decision makers. We need to take this country back and not by replacing one elitist hierarchy with another hierarchy.

IF you agree then spread this idea. Only vote for a local independent candidate at the general election this is the ONE tool we have to stop the parasitic bastards who are stealing OUR money to lend back to us at interest.

The establishment media will tell you that any vote that is not going to an establishment party is a wasted vote. What would you expect the establishment to tell you? The media does NOT control the Government and the Government does NOT control the media. BUT THEY BOTH WORK TO DEFEND THE ESTABLISHMENT AT ALL COSTS.

The media will mislead you into believing that a vote against the establishment is a wasted vote, I disagree. Think of elections as a weapon. Think of your vote as a bullet. Would you rather point the gun at yourself? or at the establishment?

A grass-roots campaign to raise awareness on how effective your vote can be at destroying the current evil greedy establishment will be overlooked or at best ridiculed by the establishment media. So it has to remain a grass-roots, quiet campaign.

People in each constituency should organise themselves behind an independent candidate that values democracy, values the UK and is dedicated to honestly serving the people of that constituency in Parliament against ALL foreign and domestic enemies and putting the people of that constituency first.

The electoral numbers speak for themselves. I am not trying to convert tories or labour or lib-dem supporters. Why not? We do not need them. There are far more disillusioned and pissed off non-voters in this country than there are supporters of the mainstream. and the supporters of the mainstream are split between the mainstream parties. If we all unite behind a local independent candidate, just once, in the name of democracy and for the benefit of the PEOPLE of this country. ALL the people, not one person excluded, then we CAN eradicate the labour party, the Conservative party and the liberal party as political movements forever, instantly and at a stroke.

Here's the maths:

The opinion polls EXCLUDE non voters from their results, so I have added them to the above under "other" and shown HOW MUCH REAL POWER THEY HAVE. Click on the image to change the figures and add your own. It is fun to see how little support is needed for a big swing in power.

So let's save our country. Spread this idea of ONLY voting for a local independent. Every other political party has been compromised. The elite cannot compromise us ALL!

Every single vote for a local independent candidate is a bullet to the head of the elite establishment bastards that have stolen hundreds of billions of pounds from us to lend back to us at interest, that have taken our personal and private data and entered them into insecure database systems and then lost them, that have removed centuries old liberties, many of these liberties have been secured by our forefathers fighting to the death to preserve them against foreign enemies hell bent on destroying our traditional freedoms and liberties. And now our establishment are removing them at an alarming rate.

Defend our liberty, Defend our money, Defend our way of life from elitist banking bastards and their political pet guard dogs. USE our democracy to take BACK this nation for ALL the people of this nation.


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