Monday, January 01, 2007

More awakenings

As we venture into the undescovered and fresh new dawn of 2007, There feels like the awakening is accelerating.

More and more people are waking and understanding where we find oursleves, spiritually and in reality.

At a new year party last night, the subject of Saddam's execution was brought up, typically, in the form of a joke: Why should saddam be in porn films? Because he is bloody well-hung!

Well this (to my surprise) did not get a laugh, or even a mild titter. But people stood silent for a short while and then each person in the room expressed their disgust in the manner of Saddam's demise.

Now for those reading this, the party was not at a muslim house, nor was it attended by anyone with any natural sympathy for Saddam at all. In fact it was at a house in a white 'working class' Northern town with a labour MP. This is a typical 'salt of the earth' working class area. at the party where people of all political persuasions, but everyone was disgusted at the way in which Saddam was publicly executed and in the way in which we all where collectively tarred, as British subjects, with the same brush as Blair.

Christians, atheists, labour supporters, tories and independents all agreed upon what was wrong. All agreed that Bush and Blair are the greatest terrorists on earth.

When many people from such diverse backgrounds and beliefs all agree on these things, then surely an awakening of consciousness is taking place. The dark forces are losing. 2007 shall bear witness to even greater understandings of the awakening of the human spirit.

With peace and love to all. Happy new year!

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