Friday, October 27, 2006

The experiment.

I have been running a little experiment with the law of attraction for some time now. Now the law of attraction is happening to everyone all the time. It is the law that gives you the life you are experiencing NOW!

I am not going to explain what the law of attraction is, or how it works in this little article, but I can describe the experiment and the results I am seeing.

Firstly, when MOST people become aware of the law and understand it's power, they get all greedy and start manifesting luxury homes, houses, holidays and generally having a wonderful time for themselves, all well and good. However, I am not most people. I care about the state of the world and as you can tell from my previous posts, I don't like what the powers that be are doing.

SO my experiment has been to see the powers that be fail in their attempts to take over the world and turn it into an enslaved prison planet. To see the resurection of human spirit and the passion of freedom. to see the people elevated to a position of real power, and an upsurge in Love and Understanding.

I have been applying the law of attraction to this end and I am delighted to say that I am seeing wonderful results. already.

For example, Bush's Approval rating tanked from the mid 40's to the low 30's. Blair's Labour now down into the high 20's and the public are waking up to the depths of corruption of the Bush/Blair axis of negligent fascism.

This is helped by the lies such as the following:

More people are waking up, more people are seeing for themselves things like this:

(Update 31-Dec-2006. This video has been removed. It showed firemen warning people that WTC7 was about to be blown up!)

and they are realising that the people who are leading them to disaster are lying to them.

The truth about the collaberation, sponsorship and use of terrorists by the likes of the CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, etc in the fomenting and execution of western foriegn policy will become more apparent. thisngs like P2OG will become better known and will sicken many petriotic citizens to realise that WE have become the bad guys. WE execute the terrorism in Iraq that is creating civil war.

The cases of citizens stopped at American checkpoints, detained for several hours whilst details are checked, then to be released and told to collect their driving licence from another police station, only to discover 'en route' that their vehicle has been filled with explosives linked to a radio controlled detonator. How many people have been murdered in this way only to have the news report yet another suicide car bombing?

The locals in Iraq are not turning to terrorism in a vacuum. They are REACTING to our presence there.

Look again at the WTC attacks from the point of view of the following:

Also watch this for a better background of what is happening:

To understand who is behind it all:

Read This

and then go to This link and buy this DVD:

The world is WAKING UP, we are re-discovering our power, the established elite are losing and they are in freefall.

We will have and enjoy our democracy returned to us, the war on terror is a fraud and is ending. We are victorious in enlightening the people and allowing them the power to be free, loving people. We are evolving spiritually, growing into a people of wisdom, tolerance, understanding and deep pure love.

I am delighted that the human spirit is not dimninished and is winning against the evil in the world. defeating it with intelligence, logic, love.

We are FREE people complying only to our own truth. Bush and Blair and all their shadow people have lost and they know it.

Keep visiting to see how my experiment is progressing.

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