Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why don't self help guru's work, Judith Summers?

I caught the linked article and read it with a great deal of interest. You see, I have been to the Tony Robbins UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN event .... twice! Would I go again? hell yeah! these events are amazing fun and you meet wonderful people there.

But the point of the linked article, by Judith Summers, is that, as she admits herself,
"So was the power unleashed within me? Alas, no. I’m just too sceptical."
Well there you have it. She admits, in her own words, ANOTHER limiting belief, that of being too sceptical. That is an identity she has placed upon herself, either sub-consciously or through years of disapointment and let down. She has developed a strategy of reacting in a certain way to defend herself from future disapointment. Be sceptical.

That scepticism is stopping her from discovering the giant within, it won't let her break through to become the person she wants to be.

The sad part is she will carry on, spending a fortune on self-help books and seminars looking for a magic bullet to fix her life, and it is inside her already. She then blames her failure on those 'gurus' that she feels have let her down, when all along the answers are truly within herself. She just will not believe. WHY?

She gets too much significance from being sceptical. She gains certainty from it and she gets connection with others in her being sceptical. "Listen to me, it won't work!"

I am glad that she did the firewalk, and yes it IS easy, but she needs to look at the central message of the firewalk. If you have the right MINDSET, you can achieve anything AND she can have the right mindset.

These gurus cannot do it for you. If you want to change your life, they can only point the way, then you have to do it for yourself.

What Tony teaches is NLP. he gives you mental tools that you can use. He shows you exactly how to guarentee success. Know your outcome, with clarity. Make the decision. Take MASSIVE action. Develop sensory aqcuity to see if you are on track. If you are not on track, CHANGE COURSE and try again. and KEEP TRYING UNTIL you succeed!

He also gives people far FAR more than this. BUT if you go to this event determined to be sceptical, then you ARE wasting your money.

What impressed me at the UPW, and what I learned from it that had the biggest impact was, that CONTRIBUTION to others was a HUGE part.

Tony contributes to the poor and needy and charities and government programs for free. he gives his time and money to help others. He has created a charitable foundation that feeds millions of people around the world at Christmas. Gives them a wonderful Christmas feast for free.

Guru's do not work, when you do not let them.

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