Monday, October 09, 2006

The Greatest Diplomatic Fuck Up!

What does it sound like when all your chickens come home to roost? The incompetent cowboy, GW Bush heard that sound today. It came in the form of his Bullish axis of evil speech turning nuclear.

If Bush is bluffing, he should be prepared to have his bluff called. Now he looks weak, stupid and completely out-maneuvered.

This amazing turn of events were completely avoidable. If bush were a capable, intelligent and wise statesman, then he would have acted differently. America would still be respected around the globe and the world would be a safer place. However, he is a fool, a puppet controlled by evil men who seek global dominion and revel in sick, paedaphallic sex games and ritualistic lucifarian practices. They hide behind Christian morality, but there veneer has peeled and the whole world can see them for what they are.

They are evil, they are corrupt and they are losing. Their greed and unbridled lust exposes them for what they are. We see clearly and we, as good, honest and just people, reject everything they stand for.

The GREAT republic of the USA has been corrupted, it is time NOW, through the ballot box to reject the corruption before us. To vote in numbers so great that even diebold cannot steal this election.

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