Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The future is Bright! I attracted it!

OK so a lot of my posts have been negative and 'ranty'. I do have a strong belief in justice and truth. This leads me to consider the Bush and Blair [mal]administrations as being a snakes nest of evil, viperous, lying, self indulgent, greedy, sleazy and corrupt monsters. However, I am starting a new leaf. Allow me to explain... (and if you want to survive in the future, you had better read closely and take in what I am writing here).

I have taken some time out recently from writing this blog. I have been learning, discovering, growing and evolving. I have discovered truths greater than any administration, and more powerful than anything on this tiny speck of rock we all inhabit together called earth, in fact this truth is far more powerful than anything in our entire galaxy. An insignificant but remarkable part of this truth is that the future IS bright. This is insignificant as the future IS not real, it does not exist and never has, but it is BRIGHT!

As you can probably guess, the new concepts and understandings of truth that I have become aware of are presenting me with something of a dilema in terms of grasping with any concept of persistance and scale. This is because of the holographic nature of, well, nature.

As part of my journey of discovery, I had removed many of my earlier angry posts, as I felt that the hatred I felt and expressed in them was manifesting in a negative way. removing them cannot negate this so I shall re-instate them, as a record of my journey of discovery. Also I felt at the time I removed tham that the fascist thought police would declare them illegal and possibly as material that could aid an enemy, and thus render me liable to be detained without trial indefinately and leave me open to being tortured to 'confess' some unreal and false reality.

I know now that this cannot happen.

Please bear with me on this.

Now, the reason that the future is bright is because we sub-consciously create our reality all of the time. (which is not real) You worry about the future, but ask yourself now, how many times have you worried about something, only for it to not happen? did you worry for nothing?

Now as to the few times that the thing you worried about happening actually happening, guess what? It was your worry that caused it.

I have spent a large part of my life worrying, almost obsessively about certain things. Things on a personal level have not come true, things on a national and international level have. I have noticed a difference. The things that I have worried about personally, that did not and will not come true, have had an extra element to them. I have (unconsciouly) used a law of nature to avoid and prevent these things happening. On international worries, I have done the opposite.

The law is the law of attraction. On personal matters, I have worried what might happen if.... then because it is a worry, I immediately tell myself that what I am worrying about is not happening and moreover, I tell myself that at this moment in time now, the opposite IS happening.

On an international level, I have been writing in this blog, (or affirming) that the totalitarianism of a fascist elite IS building a total police state. Well there's irony for you. I started writing this blog to alert people (however few read this blog) to the reality of a prison planet. In taking the actions of concentrating my nervous system in writing my observations and fears with a great deal of passion, I was actually MANIFESTING the outcomes I was trying to warn people about.

that is how the law of attraction works. It works exactly the same every time. whatever you focus, on you become. the more passion you feel and express about what you focus on, your create with more conviction in reality, than those things that you don't give passion to. And attraction only happens in the 'NOW'. If you focus with agreat deal of worry on being in debt, that is what you will manifest over and over. Start focusing on being abundant NOW. feel it, live it. Believe in it and do it. Whatever thoughts you have with any intensity, they will be picked up and created.

Somewhere on my journey, I learned this truth of attraction, but still harboured doubts. But I Intellectually understood that the law was true, so I was going to make my fortune from it. (as many others already have). I was going to create the ultimate personal development toolkit. It was going to be a website, with asoociated products. It was to be a new operating system for the mind, a Mind-OS so to speak, so I did go ahead with it. I ordered a domain name, web hosting and built a site, gathered information I had researched, wrote a book. paid out thousands of pounds for mentoring in efficient web marketing and went through the motions. going through the motions meant I had very limited success. Total spend on the project = £6,000 give or take a few hundred quid. total income = £31.00.

So I manifested through my own efforts a website, But I never really manifested it as a glowing glorious success in the NOW and eventually my efforts waned and the site has not been updated for a while.

Then a friend pointed out another product to me. It turns out that the idea I had for a complete package of 'mind tools' as an operating system had been created by someone else. I was beaten to it! Someone else had done it and got it to market first.

Was I dissapointed? for a split second I was. But then it dawned on me. I HAD manifested this. I put the idea out there, into global universal consciousness, but not followed it up with the passion and intensity required to manifest it for me. Someone else had. The law of attraction had still worked, but I had not followed all the steps, I merely created the brain's operating system for someone else, who probably had more passion in his project, than I had in mine.

Does this mean I quit? Hell no! it means I re affirm and continue better than ever, creating a better world than ever. I change my strategy slightly, and in the future I shall have a vlog to help in this manifestation. (stay tuned for that)

That is why the future is actually bright. I am forthwith going to continue to write and develop my vlog about the globalist elite, BUT I am going to find and write with a great deal of passion and commitment of examples that demonstrate that they are NOW failing in their plans. that they are getting weaker and weaker with each passing week. That their cabals are fracturing and turning inward and increasingly venting their poison upon themselves. That they are slowly and painfully losing.

I am actually happy and confident that the future, whenever we experience it, will be very bright and pleasurable. that is because we only live in and experience the NOW. and so long as we live in and experience the now, and act in the now, and can influence the now, we can create the NOW that we want to experience and all these infantesimal 'nows' add up to a terrific future.

I have presented in the history of this blog ample evidence of the disease of the global elite in this world. From NOW on, WE ALL TOGETHER can manifest the cure and I shall continue to do so.

Look out for the vlog after the next weekend 8th/9th October 2006.

The first edition of this video log shall be an introduction to the law of attraction, and how it creates our manifest reality and how WE ALL can use this to defeat evil in this world. how WE ALL can choose freedom and love over hatred and distrust. How we shall set ourselves free of the elite who have known about and kept this secret and only taught it to their elite through secret initiations into highest and most secret of secret societies, throughout history. How they have used this to manipulate the masses into manifesting the elite's chosen reality, through mass conditioning of religion, dictatorship, media manipulation and control.

Well their secret is out now, and when you truly understand the power of creation itself. NO ruling elite can defeat you, not ever. for you know that they are not real, merely an artificially created construct.

Join me in creating a better world.

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