Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How to win in Iraq.

"Asked by a reporter whether the latest deaths would prompt US President George W Bush to change strategy, White House spokesman Tony Snow said: "No, the strategy is to win.""

I now know how to get much closer to winning in Iraq. Buy those stupid people in the administration a dictionary.
It seems that they do not know the difference between a goal and a strategy.

you cannot have a strategy of "to win" or "to lose" for that matter, those are goals, NOT strategies!

A goal is the desired outcome, in this case "to win".

A strategy is a series of tactical steps that are designed to result in the desired outcome, or goal.

So in Iraq, what the dumbass neocons have is a goal, but absolutely NO strategy. At least not a strategy that will obtain the goal.

When you have a goal, but an a loack of strategy or an unsuccesful strategy, or your strategy is consistently taking you further and further from your goal, (as in Iraq) then the only logical, sensible and necessary thing to do is to CHANGE strategy. OR in extreme circumstances, change the goal.

In this case, with the USA [apparently] not knowing the difference between a strategy and a goal, then the prognosis for the Iraq war and the ongoing war on the concept of terror [by creating more terror?] is very poor indeed.

Perhaps if someone bought the administration a dictionary, then they might be able to come up with a strategy that could get them closer to the goal of 'to win' (whatever that means).

They first have to define, in clear and unambiguous terms, what the goal of 'to win' actually means on the ground. They have changed their minds many times over the last three years. From the patently absurd "Greet us as liberators" to "establishing a free and liberal democratic Iraq" to "stay the course" to "establishing a democratic Iraq" to "stay the course" to " replacing their prime minister with one that America likes a bit more" to "standing down as they stand up" to "stay the course" to "Well we haven't got a frikking clue anymore, christ I hope whoever wins in 2008 has a clue. WHAT? You mean WE are going to win again? SHIT! Those damned election machines!"

I would say 'To Win' should mean that the people of Iraq should be better off than they where under Saddam, in terms of security, due process of law, less murders, less rapes, less kidnappings, less bombs, less violence, less crime, stable economy, stable prices, stable education, freedom of religious expression (as they had under Saddam (sorry no they didn't because Saddam clamped down on Islamic Extremists) BUT, ordinary Iraqis had more freedom of religious expression under Saddam than they do now.) freedom for women to dress, work and behave how they would like, stable supply of electricity, regular flow of clean, hygienic water, etc...

Currently the situation in Iraq is worse under the current puppet regime in Iraq, than under Saddam.

However you slice it, the strategy in Iraq has been an utter disaster. (unless you have shares in Halliburton or Bechtel).

After they have described in detail what 'to win' means, they need to look realistically where they are now in relation to that goal, what direction they have been going in (backwards) then they can get some grown-ups to create a proper strategy for success in achieving the desired outcome, or goal. This will inevitably involve changing course. Staying the course only makes sense if you are not heading flat out to the edge of a cliff!

For the current administration to not realise this is sadly now too familiar, as is the lamentable lack of understanding of basic english by the so-called journalists who covered this press conference.

I thought that to become a journalist that one would require a decent understanding of the English language. When it comes to covering the whitehouse, I guess English can be as superfluous as logic, compassion or loyalty to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I am, however, greatly heartened by the mass waking up of people across the political spectrum to the disaster that is bush/cheney/rumsfeld/rice/blair et al.

They are on to a BIG loss and they know it. They are hated and reviled by the vast majority of humans on earth. They are experiencing the first faltering and painful steps of a long painful and deeply shaming downfall. I am watching them slowly slipping into the abyss. they will have to live with the effects of thier actions in time.

I am watching this downfall with great delight, as only through the downfall of such traitors and fascists, can the USA become the land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE again.

This awakening of the masses is showing itself more and more, through poll results like these: and in many other ways too.

The end of this nightmare is upon us. They have lost their phoney war on terror. They have lost their real war on humanity. Freedom and liberty are upon us at last.

Vote for a pro peace candidate in November!

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