Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Blog number 1 (more to come...)

OK, so Bush's own standard of proof, the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence; or the fact that there is no evidence proves how devious and weasly that regime is and therefore, the case for war; or "we don't need no stinking evidence". Using this standard, we can see that the US Government has for years had regular and on going contact with aliens from a variety of extra solar planets; that Bush himself is a vile child molestor and murderer, that Tony Bliar regularly runs drugs from Downing street, or even that David Icke was right and the Queen really is a seven foot baby eating lizard person; or it can prove any other phoney charge you wish to throw about. They will not be able to defend themselves from those charges because if they are innocent, then they will be proved guilty by the lack of evidence against them.

In other words we can't prove it. Oh really? Well then, that proves it's true! Or another simpler explanation is lack of proof is proof. How much more Orwellian can you get?

Denial by these people of such things further proves the case against them as they all have lied before (as have ALL humans), therefore you can't trust a word they say.

Using the standards of international law endorsed by Bush, the Iraqis actually have more right, under the said international law, to attack the US than the US has of attacking Iraq. Based on the much banded 'Pre emptive, Defensive strike'; Iraq can prove that as a sovereign nation, it feels that it is likely to face an attack, possibly by a nation intent on using weapons of mass destruction, and therefore has the right to self defense under the relevent articles of the United Nations.

Why isn't the Global media screaming these obvious contradictions, in the western leaders arguments, out for the world to hear. the only places that these contradictions appear is within the chattering classes written media (small harmless circulation), and the alternative web-based news. Mainstream prime time mass culture news media is swallowing and regurgitating the Bush-Bliar lies verbatim without question or apology.

We should look perhaps to the ownership of such media, and we will see what? That the owners of the media intent on war are the people that also own huge shareholdings in weapons manufacturing? or how about Middle east construction Companies? or Oil? The media Giants are set to make a fortune from the 'inevitable war that isn't inevitable'. This conflict of interest that is due to cost the lives of perhaps millions of innocent men, women and children has got to stop.

Innocent servicemen and women from the US and the UK will be butchering innocent iraqis in the false belief that it will be to defend their own homelands. To murder people for a lie is wrong. to murder people to make oil and weapons manufacturing company shareholders rich is wrong.

The Iraqi war is wrong.