Monday, February 12, 2007

Propaganda Extravaganza

So I have spent a good deal of this evening reading the accounts of the "highly" secretive, "ultra-classified" and "on monumental background" Iran briefing that the White House orchestrated today, just in time for Monday's breaking news. What is quite clear is that US corporate press has become an extension of the White House public relations department.
Under what circumstances would the following criteria for a news story ever be considered "journalism:"

The U.S. Administration have been caught lying again and again to deliberately and willfully launch un-neccessary wars. Why should we believe them now, on such utterly pathetic and flimsy evidence (and that is being generous) and when the stakes are so much higher.

As I have been saying, until I am blue in the face, the intelligence was NOT wrong on Iraq. the intelligence community was constantly telling the Pentagon and the Whitehouse that they could NOT corroberate the intelligence coming from the zionist office of special plans. Feith was twisting, exaggerating and inventing evidence of WMD plans, even from known disreputable single sources.

IN FACT: there are more witnesses that can claim that WTC 7 was deliberately brought down in a controlled demolition on the afternoon of 911, than there where to corroberate the lies coming out of the office of special plans. many, many, separate emergency workers have come forward stating that they were told to evacuate the media and the public out of the vacinity as the Building was going to be "BLOWN UP"

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