Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Is an Israeli attack on Iran MORE likely now?

As the US has been forced onto the back foot over Iran by the news that their own intelligence agencies have taken a pre-emptive strike against the administration and made it very clear to the whole world that they do NOT believe that Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons, (or nucular* weapons for that matter). It seems to me that they are still pissed at being blamed for 9/11 and Iraq and are preventing the same lies working against them again.

However, with the USA being moved slightly further away from any justification for an attack on Iran, does this mean that Israel will be more likely to go it alone? And thus forcing the USA into a possible nuclear war?

So it looks like the direct attack by the USA on Iran has been cancelled, WW3 called off? or has it been merely subcontracted to Israel?

However as an aside, I am wondering how long it will be before Benjamin Fulford takes credit for this 'intelligence forced' US climbdown?

*Is this President Bush's way of admitting that they are trying to prevent global warming? He keeps talking about new cooler weapons after all?

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