Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Michelle Malkin and the puppy conspiracy.

There has been a video flying around the internet that past few days showing a US Marine hurling a puppy off a cliff. I shall not post the vid for 2 reasons.
  1. It is sick and I will not link to such mindlessly cruel deliberate acts of inhuman cruelty
  2. It is available on hundreds of other websites
The point is this, it is a video of a trained marine committing a cruel, inhumane act. What surprises me is the outcry. There are 2 main responses to this video:
  1. Oh my god! how cruel and shocking, I cannot believe a fine patriotic American Marine could do such a barbaric thing.
  2. How in the world is this worse than killing tens of thousands of innocent people in a war based on lies?
My reaction is, well duh! The Marines are very carefully and intensively trained in such a way as to remove their normal human compassion so that they may turn any area into a kill zone and exterminate everything in that area, man, woman, child, animal (cute puppies and all) without compassion, or question, in order to achieve a strategic or tactical objective. That is their job, hell, that is their entire reason for existing. That is EXACTLY what Americans pay their tax dollars for.

And, I would add, Be very very very grateful that you have such a leviathan force there for your defence against any would be toss-pot dictator. The Marines are, sadly-but-realistically, essential in this day and age. They keep you safe from foreign aggression.

However, I also add that I seriously wish that they had been exclusively deployed in Afhghanistan to eliminate all traces of Al Queda (CIA, MOSSAD, MI6 and otherwise) instead of being deployed in a illegal, immoral, un-necessary, avoidable war of chosen aggression in Iraq, based on blatant and exposed lies at the time.

It is a testimony to the depth of the mind control training (aka brainwashing) performed on the Marines that they would willingly support an undemocratic, unelected court appointed President (at the time of the invasion) in an illegal war and travel half way around the world to kill hundreds of thousands of people, innocent of any charge of WMD or Terrorist support or collusion in 9/11, and do so without question or compassion or guilt.

So why are people surprised that they could kill a puppy? or take pleasure in the act? Or is it the shock of the moral equivalence between the marine and the "reported" murderers of this other puppy?
(the puppy used to convince a sceptical America that Saddam WAS still developing chemical weapons after all, the Americans could never be so cruel as to kill a puppy, could they? Well obviously yes, and not for research this time either, but purely for fun.)

Whatever, the theme of this article is Michelle Malkin, the right-wing vapid and mindless supporter of neo-con madness and lunacy.

She wrote the following:

Watch the clip closely. The puppy doesn’t move. It’s clear to me that it’s either dead or a stuffed toy. The sound effects of a dog yapping seem to have been dubbed in.

OK, I have watched it closely and it is ALIVE and hanging still because of the in-built reflex all puppies (and kittens) have to go limp when grasped at the scruff of the neck, so that their parents can pick them up and move them from danger. It is natural.

For Michelle Malkin to come up with such dire and frankly, amateurish nonsense as the only way to be able to show unwavering support (regardless of the act) of her hired psychotic killers, shows a clear lack of understanding, reason, moral centre and blatant tin-hat style tendencies to elaborate anything into crazy and impossible hypothesis in order to prevent having to accept any possibility that she may be wrong.

The very same charge she accuses truth seekers in relation to what really happened on 9/11 of. Except the main difference is, 9/11 truthers base their information on the actual evidence and the analysis of the world's leading scientists and experts in the fields of engineering, construction, architecture, international security, secret intelligence services, secret government, air traffic control, military, air-defence, industry, politics, and whistle blowers form the CIA, FBI, Politics, etc etc...

She bases her mindless support of this indefensible act on a wild and incorrect theory. I suggest that if anyone ever has the unfortunate experience of actually having to communicate with this empty woman, in relation to anything truthful at all, then they should remind her of her utterly lunatic response to this Marine's cruelty.

She adds:

"Have those expressing outrage over the dubious YouTube video expressed the same outrage at jihadists planting IEDS in sheep and dogs to kill American soldiers?"

Well I agree that those jihadists planting IEDS in sheep and dogs to kill American soldiers are not doing a nice thing, BUT
  • Two wrongs do not make a right and
  • They are not just jihadists planting IEDS inside the dead carcasses of sheep and dogs to kill American soldiers, they are primarily Iraqi people who are defending THEIR homeland against foreign invaders who went to war on a blatant LIE!
Michelle Malkin, do the world a favour and retire your blog. It is a waste of electricity.

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