Thursday, May 08, 2008

My considered response to Labour's kicking in the local elections.

Labour were utterly humiliated and crushed and about time too. There performance was terrible and it was a delicious delight to watch the hapless Harriet Harman squirm as the true scale of their fully deserved defeat began to sink in.

Their excuses for their failure are, though, just as inept as their inability to govern.

Thursday's election was not a call to "pull your socks up Gordon" or a reaction purely to the 10p tax bad being DOUBLED (it was NOT abolished) People paying tax on that band are now and will continue to pay tax at 20p, that is NOT an abolition. I wish the media would finally after 14 months and hundreds of letters finally get a fucking clue and report the simple truth that this was a tax doubling not a tax abolition.

No the 10p tax was merely the straw that broke the camel's back. The re-introduction of 10p will not fix the splintered vertebrae.

What the 10p tax doubling showed in very simple and graphic terms was the character of a Government that will spend more than £100 billion pounds in loan guarantees bailing out billionaire bankers from billions of pounds of worthless loans, whilst doubling the income tax on 5 million of the poorest people in the country.

That stark realisation is what has not only lost labour a big chunk of their natural support, but utterly disgusted and sickened many of those whose father's and grandfather's had always voted labour so they must too... It took such a stark contrast to throw into graphic relief the difference between the support that Labour cravenly give to the billionaire bankers and the sickening contempt in which they hold their working class base.

That kind of awakening, forced by the sudden sickening jarring of realisation of contemptuous betrayal cannot be bought off lightly. Nor will it ever be forgotten by those whose taxes have now doubled.

Thursday's election was NOT a warning shot. Neither was it the labour party failing to get their message across. Labour's message, by their numerous and on-going vile, arrogant and corrupt actions, has got across very very clearly indeed and the result on Friday morning was the country had told that complacent and arrogant Labour party to FUCK RIGHT OFF!!!. Never return. No excuses, no fourth or fifth chances, no cheap policy initiatives to buy our support back. Labour have had numerous warnings before.

Every national election since 2001, except ONE general election, has been won by the Tories. So that is every local and European election that labour lost was a warning to labour. They did NOT listen to any of them. The sight of an unelected labour leader lecturing Mugabe on democracy after Brown has reneged on a promise to hold a referendum on the EU treaty sticks firmly in the throat.

Thursday was a national cry of enough is enough! Get out of power and never darken our political landscape with your oppressive centrist authoritarian politically correct ineptitude and corruption ever again.

The media that keep referring to this as the "abolition" of the 10p tax band will never ever get why this is such a pivotal moment and I cannot for the life of me understand why the media will keep insisting of referring to it as the abolition of the 10p band, as if just re-instating the 10p band will make everything OK again... It won't.

The fact that the labour party doubled the income tax whilst prices rise and at the same time have set aside hundreds of billions of pounds to bail out bankers has shown that the mask has slipped to reveal, in all it's ghastly nastiness, the real face of labour's leadership, this cannot be undone. Putting the mask back will not make people forget the horror's that laid beneath.

I would ask that anyone who still had the hatred in their hearts or the mendacity to vote labour to explain to me, how it is morally acceptable to spend billions bailing out the billionaire bankers whilst doubling the income tax on 5 million of the poorest workers in the land? This is a spiteful and cruel act upon a minority group of some of the most vulnerable people in the land. Spiteful and cruel acts on homosexuals are now illegal. spiteful and cruel acts against people because of the colour of their skin is now illegal.

In my humble opinion, voting labour now is on a par with racism or gender/sexual preference discrimination and should be legally classed as a hate crime.

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