Monday, June 23, 2008

An experiment in Manifestation.

I have read about "the secret" and about manifesting your own reality. I have had small successes in this area and this has led me to do more research further upon these little successes, so I have decided to do a larger scale experiment.

I shall manifest a reality in which I become completely debt free in only 1 year from today the 23rd of June 2008.

I shall keep this blog up to date with my progress.

Let me stress before I start that I am currently at least 10 years from becoming debt free at my current rate of budgeting, additionally, I have no idea, not the first clue HOW I shall become debt free. I have not got (at this time of writing) ANY foreknowledge of where this extra money is going to come from. I just have made a decision that it is coming and I shall be debt free in one year's time. That is the last time I shall write about this in this way.

Now, a major part of manifestation is keeping the vision in the current tense and keeping ALL the language surrounding this positive, therefore from now on, I shall not refer to debt free, as this places an energy into the concept of debt, thus creating debt. So from now on, I shall only refer to having a positive total financial balance and being completely financially independent and being in surplus.

I shall do this by meditation, writing the goal in detail many times every day, strong positive visualisation. self hypnosis creating absolute belief. I shall watch out for powerful synchronicities that will keep delivering my goals faster and faster.

Check back often to see how I do and please feel free to comment.

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