Monday, June 08, 2009

Interesting result for the BNP

Bear with me on this and read it all....

After listening to all the candidates that spoke on the media last night, I would rather see Nick Griffin as PM than any Labour member. This is NOT an endorsement of Nick as my choice of candidate, just that I would rather he were PM than any Labour party apparatchik.

What Nick said (I am only talking about his WORDS here, bear with me on this) What he said last night was entirely reasonable, measured and common sense in terms of he was ACTUALLY CLAIMING to be in support of was a form of multiculturalism which INCLUDES the British. Labour believe multiculturalism and Britishness are mutually exclusive to the extent that Britishness is often referred to as racist and offensive to minorities. Nick Griffin NEVER Excluded any racial or religious group from participation in British life.

People do not have a problem with supporting the indigenous peoples of Australia in Oz, or the Native Americans in North America. The difference between the BNP and the others is that they are supporting the indigenous people (Celts, Norman, Anglo-Saxon) of these islands before we are made a minority and our historic and cultural lands are taken from us.

I do have sympathy with that argument. Like what Nick said last night, I to do NOT want to see people who contribute to this nation, who work and pay taxes, to be excluded from the benefits of being British Nationals, regardless of their skin colour, religion or background.

I agree with him that the excesses of extremist versions of Islam (or any extreme religion or group) should be prevented, like the arranged marriages, the deep disrespect for and restriction of women's rights and the punishment beatings and killings of women who choose to marry outside their arranged marriages. Let alone the activitieas associated with Jihad against us. The cruelty inherent in Halaal meat should also be banned.

Such accommodations should not be made, just for political correctness sake. These practices are profoundly wrong and this country should not allow them. IF people wish to practise such things, then they are free to leave and practice them elsewhere, just as anyone is free to leave and practice any activity or belief or ritual that is illegal here, but legal in other nations, Like target shooting with hand-guns for example, or Smoking Canibis (A Rastafarian practice).

I vehemently disagree that people should be excluded on the grounds of their skin colour or religion alone, unless that religion demands adherents to it to cause harm, injury or loss to others.

I also agree with him on protecting British Jobs from being given to foreign people on substantialy below minimum wages here. An EU ruling meant that Employers can source labour from the cheapest countries and undercut the wages in any other member state legally paying substantially less than the minimum wage in that state.

LABOUR in the UK allow this practice and have never issued a peep against it, for to do so would be to go against their precious EU oligarchy.

We have a minimum wage here and it should be either enforced equally for ALL employers, OR scrapped entirely. At the moment it forces employers to discriminate against British workers as it is illegal to pay below minimum wage to British workers, but not to migrant workers from a member state that has no minimum wage. that is an INSANE, ANTI-BRITISH situation that labour have allowed and encouraged in this country.

Now I know I cannot take Nick Griffin solely on his word. I mean, I could barely refute much of what Tony Blair said, (again his words were sound, but his deeds?) I agreed with many of his words and they were all about ending discrimination and promoting peace, but that did not stop him lying to get into a war that killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims and people of dark skin. The BNP have NO such stain upon them.

That said, UKIP are a dedicated NON RACIST party who also want to take us out of the EU, so that is why I voted UKIP. That and to help them to defeat the real fascists in the Labour party. Congratulations to the UKIP for the marvellous entertainment of seeing Labour BEATEN by a fringe party!!! FANTASTIC!

I know most people still want to be 'in Europe but not run by Europe' and that is my personal preference, but that will NOT be an option soon. Post Lisbon, there will be a choice (if we are LUCKY) and that will either be between (1) a full and complete integration and break up into into separate regions under a new anti-democratic, oligarchical country called the EU, and (2) complete withdrawal from the EU.

There are no plans for, nor will there be any accommodation made for the "stay where we are, this far and no further" option. The EU commission will not allow it. The Council of Ministers will not allow it and the roadmap of the EU is showing the destination to be ONE country run by an unelected oligarchy with all the classic hallmarks of fascist nationalism. Corporacratic institutions run in secret like the 3,500 secret working groups that research and develop policy for the Commission. Rampant Nationalism with the nation's flag everywhere. Rampant militarism will come in the final stages, restrictions in rights and democratic accountability or self determination also at this stage.

If we are lucky we will be granted a choice between being broken up into EU regions and controlled 100% by an anti-democratic oligarchy in Brussels, and withdrawal to independence.

Though the chances are that we will not. We will be marched in without a say to the point at which anti-EU political parties, demonstrations and organisation will be outlawed as seditious and treasonous against the country and leadership of the EU.

Then we will be in a heart of a fascist superstate. A real fourth Reich, and I want NO PART of anything that could become a fully fledged fascist state.

That is why I applaud the BNP in getting their seats and using the opportunity to seek out and expose evidence of REAL Fascism in the heart of both the EU and OUR MAINSTREAM PARTIES!

WOW! How Ironic that the BNP could now expose the real fascists for what they are.

I watch with great interest what will ensue.

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