Friday, September 25, 2009

So, what did happen on 9/11?

I am not supporting ANY wild and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about 9/11. I am sick of having bollocks about 9/11 shoved down my throat.

We are in a situation of multiple theatre wars over 9/11, we have had our liberties severely restricted and our traditional way of life altered somewhat.

So what did happen? Well, NOBODY can officially tell me. NOBODY! The official 9/11 commission report has been comprehensively debunked and disowned by none other than the lead council for the commission itself! Chairman Thomas Kean had already publicly stated that the commission had been prevented from obtaining the truth, had been hampered and obstructed by the Bush administration and that both co-chairs of the commission did not consider the report to be the whole truth.

Now when people talk of "tin-foil-hat conspiracy theories", I shall ask them what they believe the truth is, as the official 9/11 commission report is one of the worst of these tin-foil-hat conspiracy theories, as admitted by their own commission members including the co-chairpersons and their chief legal council. And where they can point to a conclusive and rational and consistent version that not only satisfies what is known on public record, but also is supported by the laws of physics.

Besides? what is wrong with wanting to know the truth? So called "Truthers" are vilified in the media, yet all we want is to know what really happened, who knew what, when did they know it and why was this plot not foiled by the known and established Standard Operational Procedures that were NOT put into effect that fateful day.

So where can I find the definitive proof of what happened that day and who was behind it all?

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