Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cameron's sneaky trap!

So there we have it.  Cameron is going to offer us an In or Out referendum on our EU membership is he?

Well no, not exactly.

There are a lot of caveats before we can assume that we are going to get our right, as given by the UN, to self-determination in our once great, free and independent nation.

1, Will Cameron even be Prime Minister in 2017?  Very Unlikely.  So we will most likely end up with Miliband as Prime Minister and so what his position on an EU referendum is more valid at this stage.

2. IF in the incredibly unlikely event that Cameron's promise of a referendum pursuades enough anti-EU non-voters to give him a win in 2015, he then will begin negotiating a new relationship.This new relationship will require 26 other EU member states to ratify this position.  It is next to impossible to imagine that Belgium, or France, Or Greece, or Spain, or Poland, or even Bulgaria will not veto our dream of a much looser EU which will uniquely benefit the UK.  Getting ALL 26 to ratify a treaty beneficial to the UK is simply cloud cuckoo land.

3. IF in the incredibly unlikely event that Cameron's promise of a referendum persuades enough anti-EU non-voters to give him a win in 2015 and IF in the even less likely event that all 26 other member states would agree to ratify a new relationship, there is NO WAY that such an Treaty would be ratified by 2017.

It took 10 years to eventually ratify the much less contentious Constitutional Treaty which became the Lisbon Reform Treaty.  It is an impossibility to have all 26 other member states ratify a new treaty giving a beneficial position in the EU to the UK by 2017. IMPOSSIBLE!

This is why this is a sneaky trap.

Cameron, the BBC, the establishment will attempt to trick the country into the same lie as in 1975, all over again. There will be so much propaganda and lies about losing our trade, losing influence, losing everything, by voting to get out of the EU, and that our renegotiated position is even better than independence. They will lie all over again that we will retain our Sovereignty, our independence and our freedoms. 

Will we fall for those 1975 lies all over again?

They will try to trick the British People into voting for a "common market" all over again, and then, once the British People have voted "IN", they will be trapped in.  Because THEN the other member states will reject our renegotiation and we will be STUCK!

It is a trap!

Cameron has avoided saying what would be the position if the other EU member states either (A) fail to ratify our position by the referendum, or B Reject it after our referendum.

This is why it is a trap.

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