Thursday, December 02, 2004

The ID Card myth.

People should read more Government documents. I have and it's quite revealing. I have read the Identity Cards Bill Rgulatory Impact Assesment (a .pdf document) This is quite illuminating.

First of all, I would like to go on record and say clearly that there are some genuine benefits to the ID card scheme. If it can be implemented without errors and in time and to cost and if the hardware, software and personnel inputting the data work faultlessly and once fully in place and wholy established, It would dramatically reduce ID theft and repeat immigration through multiple ID's and cut down on organised crime through abolishing multiple IDs.

The Problem is, it would have to be fully implemented and according to this document, that means card readers EVERYWHERE!

What does this mean?

  • Every transaction monitored, logged and stored in the National Identity Register.

  • Your whole existence will be watched and rated by persons unknown.

  • This IS a big brother database on steriods

For those wanting to see the benefits of this scheme, they will not be apparent for some time because, as the document makes clear, there is no complusion on anyone to carry the card yet, or for anyone to scan the card yet. So you will still have to carry many other forms of ID (passports, driving license, credit cards, utility bills etc) when you wnt to open an account anywhere. All the other benefits of this scheme are nonsense and cannot be realised until the scheme is fully in place.

The government has admitted a 'catch 22' situation here. The ID card scheme will not be a big brother scheme untill fully implemented, but will not have the benefits of the ID scheme either. The crime will not be lessened, because there is no complulsion in the ID card bill. So you won't get the benefits of the ID card until it is a big brother scheme.

But then it will be too late.

Not only will the Government be able to monitor and extinguish organised crime and multiple entry immigration, it will also be able to identify and extinguish any dissent from the population.

Democracy will be dead, there will be no freedom to object other than what freedoms are granted at the whim of Government.

Am I Being Fair?

Of course I am giving the Government too much credit here. It is big business that wants the control, big business that has no interest in competition, or rules. Big multinational business that requires a monopoly and total control.

It is Big Business through the banking system that finances unacknowledged special access programs in the internation intelligence and security services. These people will be exempt from having to have a 'genuine' identity, these are the people that run the largest drug and prostitute organisations and therefore are behind organised crime.

What? Don't believe me? Fine, explain to me how the Taliban destroyed 95% of Afghanistan's opium and heroin production, then the US/UK invaded and took control of the areas that had poppy production stopped and now those areas are producing more heroin than ever??? War on drugs? or war on competition in the illegal drugs empires? Freelancers beware.

So the organised crime that is NOT commited by intelligence services will be destroyed by the ID card scheme, but Organised crime will flourish.

CIA/MI6/MOSSAD/ISI etc. Terrorism will flourish, not smaller scale animal rights acts of terror, but the really big international terrorism of the scale that makes Governments take notice and change course.

This scheme is designed from the outset to abolish the competition from small time criminals to international organised crime, and suppress domestic dissent.

It is, in short, a fascists charter!

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