Tuesday, December 14, 2004

OK, this is getting sicker by the day

I used to be very tolerant and sympathetic to ordinary Americans. I personally know several Americans and they are awake and, sort of, thinking, rational human beings. However, lately I have been getting more and more frutrated, hence the open letter below.

Now it is just getting sick. The US military, that bastion of freedom and democracy, upholder and defender of global human rights and dignity and liberator of the oppressed. The US miltary, after destroying fallujah, killing countless thousands and planning to turn it into an electronic prison camp, hasn't done enough damage it seems. They are now dropping 2000lb bombs and cluster bombs.

It seems I missed another meeting, I dunno, but my notification of these meetings must be screwed somewhere. I recall that the Yanks were saying in mid November that they will have the city of Fallujah pacified within a week. When did they withdraw and let the 'insurgent terrorists' back in? Or, no, they couldn't possibly be ....Lying ? or is it the case that, Tony Blair made a political decision to bring the Black watch troops home? ignoring strategic needs on the ground, therefore lying in the commons again. (he promised not to make political decisions on troop deployment), the Americans cannot handle the insurgents on their own? could it? The american troops are, after all, uncommonly stupid. Well that's what happens when you recruited your cannon fodder from the stupidest and poorest parts of society.

I don't know, but the name of the black watch has been blackened badly by becoming accessories to war crimes.

1000 and 2000lb bombs, Cluster bombs, anti personnel bombs, depleted uranium rounds, nalpalm, phosphorous grenades and poison gas have been used in a civillian location that was systematically and deliberately robbed of fresh water, food and medical aid. I cannot think of any act that Saddam did that can be its equal.

Yet the dumb yanks keep-a-cheerin' and a hollering for their war-criminal, president-coward-thief religious fundementalist psycho.

I am still waiting for any american to be able to explain to me how it is OK for their troops to commit war crimes? And how this is somehow better for the Iraqis? or how it is even just, given that:

Iraq never attacked America.
Iraq was never likely to attack America.
US/UK Intelligence services knew Iraq was not a threat.
Secret offices in Washington / London created false information about Iraq's WMD.
Iraq had no ties to AL Queda (a western created and funded organisation).
Iraq had nothing to do with September 11th.
Iraqis were hoping for freedom and liberty and have been robbed of their assets, sold into multinationalist slavery, given starvation, disease, mutilation and death.

Gee it's nice to know we are the good guys,
" woooooohar, let that tank roll over another sand nigger camel fucker, he had it a comin' anyhow, that's fer 9 1 1 you ragheaded muji you."

When will they ever learn?

./ later

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