Monday, May 23, 2005

I had a growing experience last night (ooooeeeer missus)

Well, today is truly an end of an era! My clean driving licence is no more. 17 years of endorsement free motoring has come to an inglorious end! I got nicked for speeding last night. So, why am I not depressed?

I learned an important lesson. I was caught, and will take the punishment and I am happy to take responsibility. I have no-one else to blame, no excuses. The reason I was driving so fast is simple. I was driving a long way, late at night and wanted to get home quickly. Simple as that. No excuses, it was my fault, I was wrong. So I have learned and grown from the experience. and THAT is the important part.

My book has come on in leaps and bounds in the last week. I have tentatively called it, "Why have you not evolved yet?" it is a guide to spiritual (not religious) enhancement and personal development. and personal growth. Believe me, the information in this book works! BIG TIME!!! It is magical and get this. It also contains the meaning of life itself!

So it should be available to buy online shortly and the URL will be displayed here :)

Must go, I have a purpose to fulfill :) I Love you all and please, if you only do one thing, make sure you get PASSIONATE about what you love.


spiritual and personal growth said...

A good example would personal development seminars. Ken, when you first started on this post, what other
possibilities did you imagine? I'll bet there were heaps. And just look where they could lead!

personal development said...

Hello Ken, I was searching for some info on personal development and stumbled across your blog. Even though this post was different than what I thought, it was different enough to get my attention. I really don't understand how I got your page while looking for personal development. Anywho I loved your blog and am very happy I stopped by. Thanks for the interesting read.