Thursday, June 09, 2005

Be whatever you wanna be :D

It really doesn't take long to get into doing something new. I never thought of myself as a writer, now I do. It's REALLY easy too. To become a writer all you have to do is write every day!!! It doesn't matter what you write, nobody is going to read most of it anyway, but so long as you write everyday, THAT is what is important.

A good tip!!! Write for the bin. Instead of trying to get every phrase and sentence and paragraph to be prize winning literature. write as if you are going to throw it out anyway. Then just get your ideas down on paper, or on the screen. That way, you are writing. You WILL find that most of what you write will be pretty good anyway. Then you just go through the work you have done and search out the 'pearls'.

With this technique you will be a writer.

That said; you can be anything you want to be. If you want to be it? JUST GO DO IT!

I am now a systems engineer, project manager, web-developer, writer, video producer, director and life coach and I am the best person I have ever been in my LIFE!

You HAVE a great life too. It's just a choice, after all.

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