Wednesday, April 12, 2006

White House spokesman Scott McClellan, The entire DIA and the mainstream media should all resign in embarrasment.

The reports coming out that Bush knew that the 'trailers' discovered in Iraq where not actually wmd or mobile bio-labs should come as no surprise to anyone. It is indeed obvious.

In fact, what is very disturbing is the idea that ANYONE with a working neuron could have thought otherwise for more than say, 3 seconds.

It is obvious that these 'discovered' trailers where not bio labs, after all it is impossible to create the 'worlds deadliest weapons' in a curtain sided truck.

You need at least 4 levels of bio filtration at a major facility to create these kinds of weapons. The Pentagon know this, the DIA know this, The CIA know this, even Scott McClellan should be able to figure this out. I am not surprised an idiot like Bush didn't know it, he probably had only been told that the trailers had been found, and not actually shown the pictures. After all, even monkey boy Bush should be able to work out that these where not bio-labs.

But the mainstream media treat the public like total idiots. they should hang their heads in shame for not askingthe following question:

"How the fuck could the DIA and/or the CIA not instantly realise that these where not bio-labs?"

Why would it take a fact finding mission and three years for this to come out?

The mainstream media are obviously presstitutes, propaganda mouthpieces for the current administration.

It's like Bush coming out and saying 2+2 = 6 and the media buying it.


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