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The world changed on 911, WHY?

When the UK and US Governments are changing our laws to restrict freedom of individuals, increasing the freedom of the state to spy on and detain any individual without charge or trial, solely for suspicion of 'terrorism' and when those Governments are seriously suggesting changing the relationship between the state and the electorate, then they always quote 'the war on terror' (now re-branded as the long war) and 911 as the reason. When they launch pre-emptive action that causes death and meyhem on a massive scale (also pushing UP the price of oil, financially benefitting the oilmen in the whitehouse) they quote 911

The world changed on 911

We didn't ask for this war, 'they' (islamofascists) started it, they claim.

We cannot argue against these never ending intrusions in our liberty, because to question our Government after 911 would be unpatriotic. To have doubts about the direction our government is taking us, during a time of war, would be giving succor to the enemy. Some would even claim it is treasonous to question our leaders during the long war, because of what happened on 911.

All the time they are ramming 911 down our throats. Our leaders and the mainstream media are constantly referring to 911. it 'the world changed on 911. we need to accept these changes after what happened on 911. THEY ARE ALWAYS GOING ON ABOUT 911. But with one proviso.

OK, then, let's just do that then.

I am not suggesting that 911 did not happen as the official version says, but I am asking, if the official version is true, then how can the following fit in to that scenario.

WTC 7:

Does the above video look like anything other than controlled (pre planned) demolition?

Larry Silverstein was the leaseholder of the WTC complex prior to 911. Watch this:

Now ask yourself, How long does it take, in normal circumstances, and free access to a building, to wire up a 47 story building for demolition? It can takes weeks. There is no way in hell, that they could wire up that building for a controlled demolition inside the 5 or so hours they had available to them that morning/afternoon of 911.

So seeing with your own eyes how that building collapsed from the bottom up, direclty into its own footprint, it was a controlled demolition. The leasholder admitted as much by stating,
"They made the decision to pull and we watched the building collapse"

Some people on the internet are suggesting that the Aircraft AA77 757 did not hit the Pentagon, OK if it did (and I have never ever claimed it hasn't) all the US government needs to do is show the video.

Explain the anomolies in the flight manifests. How come none of the alledged hihackers were on the passenger flight lists? How come none of the victims at the pentagon (according to the official autopsy reports) were arabs?

There is no record from any credit card company that these calls were made on the 'in flight' systems. You need a credit card to get a connection, you cant reverse the charges.

That leaves the only possibility being mobile cellphone calls. These cannot work in aircraft in flight at the altitude that those aircraft were at at the times of the alledged calls.

Add this question to building seven WTC collapse and the related 'pull it' comment by the lease-holder Larry Silverstein.

Add this to the 'Put Options' on the airline and the money being traced back to the CIA.

Add these to the many 'military exercizes' that morning that misdirected NORAD.

Add these to the change in orders for a shoot down changed by Rumsfeld in June 2001.

Add this to the wire tranfer by US ally Pakistan's ISI security service of as much as $100,000 to Mohammad Atta

Add this to the lack of action by the Presidents secret service protection team at the time of the attacks.

Add this to the president stating on two separate occasions that the president admitted watching the 'FIRST PLANE' Impact the WTC, before he went into the classroom, despite no footage of that being available for at least 5 hours after the attack. the second impact was the only one broadcast live.

Add this to the lies told since that 'Nobody could have predicted this scenario' despite this very scenario being drilled several times by the Pentagon and other alphabet agencies

Add this to the PNAC documents calling for a catalysing effect of 'a new pearl harbour'

Add this to the Hard drives from the WTC that had millions of pounds worth of transactions that were being recovered by a german company. this company was bought by an American military linked company and the project scrapped.

Add this to the fact that many of the Hijackers are still alive, proving that their ID's were stolen, so we don't actually know who was on those planes that morning. None of the 'official' hijackers appear on any manifest of any of the flights that morning, nor have any arabic remains been discovered in the Pentagon according to the official autopsy reports.

Add this to the Operation Northwoods documents showing clear intent to deceive by using military to shoot down a civilian airliner and blame it on enemies to provoke support for a foreign invasion.

Add this to the Downing street memo that had Bush proposing to paint an American U2 in UN colors to provoke Saddam Hussien to shoot it down to create a reason to invade Iraq. He proposed this at the time when he was claiming publicly that he wanted to avoid military action if possible.

Also Colin Powell and Condi Rice both made public announcements prior to 911 where the clearly stated that Saddam Hussien and Iraq was not a threat, he had no WMD


Of course the US/UK never could have got to attack Iraq without 911 and many MANY lies. Everything Colin Powell said before the UN Security Council has proven false and much was known to be unreliable at the time he said it. He claimed he was stating known facts, yet he knew he was stating half truths, supposition and blatant lies.

The Project for a New American Century document, drawn up before Bush stole his way into the whitehouse, clearly demands multiple theatre wars, but only with some kind of new 'pearl harbor'

911 was that pearl harbour.

Don't accept the Government starting pre emptive wars of choice overseas

Don't accept YOUR liberty and freedom being sacrificed to the fascists in charge.

Impeach Bush, Cheney, Blair et al

Restore Freedom and let's get back to being the good guys.

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