Friday, May 18, 2007

Ron Paul LOSES in own poll Shock!

This just in!

Scroll down for the active poll!

In the poll below (according to FOX's way of thinking) in a poll where ONLY Ron Paul is standing, Ron Paul has lost his own Poll! We cannot say who he lost to, as we don't want to distract the feeble minded from realising that he also won. BUT you can clearly see that the losing name is RON PAUL!!! Gee what a loser!!!!

Now, for those readers with active brain cells, Please support Ron Paul. This obviously excludes Fox reporters, as they even admitted not even being able to use a cellphone to send text messages!!! It's true. I could not believe what I was hearing. They tried to suggest Ron Paul did so well in their text poll because older people over 30 do not know how to use a phone to text in. Then they said that they could not use them themselves! They admitted being too stupid to know how to text. Well there you have it, fox reporters admiting to a major IQ deficit.

Fox News! We report, You decide, because we are too bloody thick to understand the question!

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