Wednesday, August 08, 2007

OK so keep voting for the problem then???

I have seen the media and others say that they cannot support Ron Paul because he does not have enough real support or that simply, he has "no chance" of winning.

This is basically saying that they know what the problem is, they know what the solution is, BUT despite liking the solution, they will keep on voting FOR the problem, because it is wasting a vote to vote for the solution.

I do not understand that kind of logic. If my car's tire gets a puncture, I go to the garage and get a new tire. I do not go to the garage and say, I would like a new tire, but realistically another punctured tire is cheaper, so I will have one of those instead.

Or, my computer gets a virus, so I use a virus checker to find and eradicate or inoculate the computer from the virus. I don't add another virus to the computer because, let's face it, computer's get viruses. No, I fix the problem with a solution.

If you do not like the problem, vote for the solution.

Be logical, see sense, reclaim your country, vote for the solution to America's problems.

Vote for Ron Paul.

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