Saturday, August 11, 2007

The problem with Climate modelling.

As I have stated on a number of occasions, in various locations online, I may not be a scientist, but I know that computerised climate models cannot be relied upon. How can I be so sure? I may not be a climate scientist, but my other job is as a systems engineer and computer programmer. From this environment I can confidently and authorititavely state that the computer models rely on two unreliable elements to make their predictions. 1. the data entered into the model and 2. the coding of the model itself.

As the article linked to the title of this comment states, the data entered into the famous global warming models is incorrect. This is due to a Y2K bug of all things.

When the raw data that the models use is wrong, the prediction is bound to be wrong.

Man made climate change is a scam.

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