Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Aaron Russo RIP

911 = Inside job. The NWO elite planned it. A direct confession to a witness, Aaron Russo, by the elitist Nick Rockefeller, who invited Aaron into the CFR.

Another Rockefeller sent Stew Web the following email:

From "Rockefeller Global Communications"


TO: stewwebb@sierranv.net

Title: The Countdown to Armageddon

To the great sea of mankind,

The time of the end is upon us. Like it or hate it, it's the destiny

we must all face. On September 11, 2001 the world was witness

to the beginning of the end. What you saw and experienced will

be nothing compared to the calamity that is to soon transpire. It

is sad that so many lives will be taken - but these things will continue

to happen as this old system begins to collapse.

No human government in existence now or since the ancient times

have been able to sustain a perfect order. Every government has

failed and will fail. They can not protect you. They can not give you

a place where people are truly free, where your neighbours are your family

and foreigners are your friends. No human government today

can or will ever be able to achieve this. That is why the Agenda

has been set. It has been referred to over time as the Armageddon

Agenda. But be not fearful. It will not be a nuclear holocaust or some

stray asteroid from the heavens that will level our civilization. In

fact it's not the planet that will suffer and be swept away. It will be the

human inhabitants of this great planet who have no respect or genuine

regard for their fellow human beings. Each one of you over the next

year must do some very deep and sincere thinking. Will I overcome

my hatred for my fellowman or will I put aside my differences and unite

and care for my neighbour? Will I treat them with kindness? Or will I continue

to take advantage of them? When was the last time you took a person in off

the street and gave them some food or helped them find shelter for the night? Or

sat beside someone on a bus, in a mall, on a train and said Hello. When did you

last comfort a stranger who had lost someone they loved. When was the last time

you befriended someone not because of their posessions or their wealth - but

because you cared about them?

None of the above is easy. It is hard. None of us are perfect. None of us have had a

good life. Some think that because we have suffered to some degree that we deserve

what ever we can get - even if it means hurting another person in the process. But those

who try and rise up against our negative ways will survive and will be rewarded with

a life on earth that right now is only a dream. Only the meek will possess the earth.

This is a certainty.

The New System is coming. The only question is: Will you choose to be there? Or will

you continue to go down the road to self destruction. It's up to you. The following

Agenda is what will happen and what you will need to endure through to

survive and get there. So think deeply. It's your future. And may you do well.

Your Brother


======== AGENDA TO THE NEW WORLD =========

The steps will be:

1) A complete irresolvable collapse of Middle Eastern peace.

2) Vatican city will fall to religious terrorists.

2) World-Wide Crack Down on all religion. All Religions will be

3) United Nations will establish an interm one world government
state, followed by a declaration of worldwide peace and security.

4) Sudden and systematic collapse of Great Britain, Chinese
and the United States Governments. The rest of the world will fall
into anarchy. Billions will perish. Only those of good-will, and
followers of the truth will survive.

5) New system government of 144,000 members and 6 million
plus subjects will take control.

6) Massive cleanup operation will commence as New World is
created. Eco-systems will be restored. Infrastructures re-built. Sickness
and disease will be eliminated. Aging will be reversed and the aging
process itself will cease. A New restored human family will gradually
bring the earth into paradisaical conditions under theocratic rule.

======== END OF AGENDA =========

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