Friday, August 15, 2008

Hey Mike, How about this one...The bigger picture?

I have been increasingly concerned, when reading various forums and bulletin boards at the level of ignorance displayed regarding the Russian intervention in Georgia... People claiming that this is a dark return to Soviet invasions and an expansion westwards of the evil soviet empire....

Oh dear. I guess these people get their news exclusively from the mainstream media.

Here are but two examples that stand out.

1. "We should finish what we started in world war two and go in and finish those Russians once and for all." Ignoring the fact that Russia was on OUR side in World War 2 and the 10 MILLION troops they lost to Hitler's army was critical to the allied victory, without which this Blog would be in German. Any call to attack a Russia that still has 6000 nuclear weapons is plain suicide.

2. "When Georgia gets a US backed puppet in power, those Russians won't be invading her anymore." OK, It is the fact that the current President of Georgia IS an American puppet and launched a genocide against Russian nationals in an American backed sneak attack that CAUSED this current crisis.

The mainstream media has been woeful and rediculously inept at truthful reporting about what really happened. That is why I get my news from a very wide range of sources. News items from all over the world, east, west , north and south, bulletin boards and forums devoted to those with inside knowledge of international geo-political events, newsgroups of the same. etc etc...

Speaking of what really happened.

I get some of my news from an excellent resource online called This site has a slight bias against Israel, sure, but the news on the site is generally rather accurate. It is from this site that I discovered how much Israel was involved in the Georgian incursion into South Ossetia. Mike Rivero is the site's owner and has a marvelous instinct for what is happening. He also has a descernment that is very rarely wrong. (He hasn't fallen for the "no plane hit the pentagon" nonsense for example).

So here's the thing Mike, Israeli and American "advisers" were in Georgia, training the Georgian troops to carry out urban clearances. They utilised the American experience of Iraq and the Israeli experience of dealing with Palestinian areas to train the Georgians in the same techniques. Georgia then invaded South Ossetia to deal with the pesky seperatists in the same way Israel deals with Palestine. Why?

Here is my take on this. Bigger picture... Israel is in the advanced stages of preparations for an attack on Irans nuclear facilities. (NOT weapons facilities, as NO international body, intelligence agency or anyone else has found ANY evidence that such facilities exist) The Iranian nuclear facilities are supported by Russian expertise in the form of many Russian nuclear experts. Russia has told the world loudly and proudly (though completely ignored by the western mainstream media) that they retain the right to use nuclear arms pre-emptively against any nuclear threat to them or their interests, ie Irans nuclear programme. Russia has made it clear that they will act to protect Russian nationals.

If Israel is planning to launch nuclear attacks against the Iranian nuclear facilities, and those facilities contain many Russian nationals, What will Russia's response be? I think that Israel were using this attack to gauge Russia's commitment to Russian nationals in the face of a threat to Russian national interest. IF Israel was wondering if Russia's words are mere bluster, I guess that they now have their answer writ large in the form of the rapid and heavy defeat of the Israeli trained Georgian army.

Had the attack gone to plan, I posit that South Ossetia would be under Georgian control, Thousands more Russians would be dead, most people in the west would never have heard of South Ossetia as the mainstream media would have ignored this genocide completely and Isreal would be giving the all-clear to attack Iran with nuclear bunker busters.

What do you think Mike?

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