Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The human evolution...

This crisis in Georgia is a time for reflection. A time to make a choice.

The Georgian President has called for international aid to defend the future world order. This is clearly a call to defend the Rothschild sphere of influence and their plans for a unipolar world order.

This is not good for humanity. We are facing the possibility that the world could change massively in a very short time. Whose side are you going to be on? Think long and hard about this.

If you said American, or Russian, or any other nation - then you could be calling for the destruction of humanity.

I recommend being on the side of peace and humanity and self.

"There is NO road to peace, peace IS the road" - Ghandi.

The Russian retaliation against western backed aggression is a necessary evil to stop the new world order in its tracks. Now each of us should visualise how this will play out peacefully with humanity emerging as the winner.


David Robertson said...

Actually Ken I have heard that Putin is Illuminati, like the Rothschilds, so who knows what kind of deceptive web they are weaving. Neither Putin nor Bush nor any of the other higher echelon leaders are actually going to shed any real tears for the dead and dying or their families. They are all expert actors, liars, murderers and destroyers. It is who they are and what they do.

Ken said...

I am not sure. Putin has made speeches in which he has countered the west's calls for a unipolar world order with his and China's desire to be leaders in a multipolar world order. Additionally, Putin kicked out the Rothschild backed oligarchs. I have hope that the Prophesy of Russia saving the world from the new world order are correct, because short of Benjamin Fulford's delusional nonsense, there doesn't seem to be much to stand in their way.

It is likely that Putin IS Illuminati, but I guess I just hope that he is not.