Friday, August 12, 2011

My response to the looting sprees and violence which exploded across our cities

The initial response was anger. Anger at the pointless and apparent mindlessness of the violence. There was no political cause, nor government oppression which this 'rioting' was in response to.

As the past couple of peaceful day passed, people are thinking more about the underlying root cause.

As they do, I sense a change in anger. It is not just against the feckless, lazy, selfish criminal looters, but it is rising against the entire liberal establishment, including all main political parties and their puppets in the media, especially the BBC. The immorality of the liberal elite in this country is being seen by more and more people as the cause of the riots. The hypocrisy of the elite’s condemnation is sticking in many a craw.

It amuses and saddens me to note that the same people who for many years have stifled legitimate debate about immigration by condescendingly using the derisive phrase “I am not a racist, BUT…” are now claiming, (with a straight face) “I am not condoning this violence, BUT…” and then excusing their part in it all.

So, to all those liberal apologists from all parties and in the media, who undermined marriage, discipline and the morality of sexual equality by having a prolonged and sustained campaign to undermine men in society generally, I ask, does your rank hypocrisy comfort you?

Your old, hackneyed and now utterly disproven arguments and “fashionable progressive theories” about how society should be, have been torched by the very youth you undermined and let down through your fashionable neglect. Instead of seeing where need really lay, you ignored all natural instincts of these youths, millions of years of developmental evolution and imposed your social experiment upon them, believing falsely that your progressive ideals could overcome instinct and cause and effect. The nuclear family is what nature through evolution have over millions of years and all over the world, fine tuned to be the most successful way of raising children. To summarily and arrogantly place your theories that “all kinds of family should have equal merit” regardless of the direct evidence to the contrary and the serious psychological damage that family breakdowns almost always cause, above what has been tried and tested for millennia all over the world was the height of insanity and cruelty on a large scale.

I often hear that “just because some single mothers do a poor job of raising their children, you shouldn’t tar all single mothers with the same brush”. I agree, but equally that works in reverse too. Just because some single mother’s do a remarkably good job of raising well-rounded, honest and responsible children, does not mean that we should use their rare exceptional example as a basis for setting family policy to allow ALL feckless single mothers the same level of respect and freedom earned by a few good ones. To base policy on the exception to an old and time tested rule is insane and doomed to failure.

Single parenthood and pregnancy outside of wedlock was historically frowned upon for many many many generations and this week we discovered painfully, and to our cost, exactly why.

Labour government policy to reward couples financially to split up, rather than pay for relationship counselling and parenting classes, has proven to be a massively expensive mistake. The soft-left liberal media have conditioned the people of this country 24/7 to accept as normal these crazy and abnormal social rule-sets.

Labour in power sought an authoritarian quasi-police state in which all law abiding adults were made more and more to feel like potential suspects who increasingly had to account for themselves and their actions and travels to an overbearing state. Yet the youth and criminal elements were free to cause havoc with relative impunity as children and criminals were granted rights by the bucketful.

Justice ran backwards. Immorality and failure was rewarded by the state. From the elite in banking and politics right down to the poorest council estates, immorality ruled. Greed was good at all levels and the labour dominated country promoted this as much as possible. Heck, you did not even have to earn money. You could borrow mountains of the stuff from the corporations. Lying was something which became normal and to be admired. Even to the extend of lying to Parliament about the need to send OUR brave troops into war and death’s cold final embrace. The something for nothing culture spread throughout Whitehall, over the media and into the nation’s consciousness by 24/7 social conditioning of the BBC dominated media.

This state sanctioned, media propagandised immorality extended through to the workplace, schools, local institutions, and families. This fashionable liberalism was so pervasive and spread by all levels of a quickly increasing and expanding government (national and local) and by the overwhelming majority of the media (which is dominated by the state run BBC), that this weak cruel and negligent liberalism has spread the insanity and illogical poison of the philosophy behind the ‘social experiment’ and its immoral values throughout society to the extent that anyone holding traditional family values, (once thought middle of the road common sense) became thought of as fleck mouthed right wing extremists. This is how far to the liberalised left the labour government and their propaganda outlet, the BBC, have dragged this nation.

People are now jolted free and woken from this social experiment nightmare by the rioting which exploded in our cities this past week.

Please let sanity and morality return.

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