Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back to normal...

OK after my fawning and cheeky request for people to buy my books and stuff, I received one complaint. Well I don't do self-promotion as a rule, but on this occasion I made an exception on the grounds laid out in my reply.

I may change my rules and do self promotion some more. I may not, I don't know yet

Back to my normal rants, thoughts and musings...

George Galloway misses a crucial point with his replies. He completely misses the crucial Russian response. What would Russia do? Well, unreported by mainstream media, the Russian's have already told us. Their foreign minister and their head of the military have both said that Iran is a strategic partner in Russia's energy policy, therefore ANY attack on Iran shall be perceived as a direct attack on Russia and will be met in like terms. In exactly the same way that the USA will respond to ANY attack on Israel in the same manner.

The Israelis have made it clear that their plans to disable Iran's nuclear capability (whether power generation or weapons manufacturing) will require the use of nuclear bunker busters. Now, as a brief aside, how can it be acceptable for Israel to threaten and plan and run drills and practice runs for a nuclear attack on another sovereign state? Where is the criticism, condemnation and UN sanctions against Israel because of that? The whole western world has been condemning massively a mistranslation of a desire on Iran's part to see the end of a Zionist regime (NOT a call to wipe Israel from the map) when that wish was not and is not backed up in any way with capability. Iran has NO nukes! Yet Israel can say that they intend to nuke Iran and then perform drills showing a clear intent and there is no response at all from a supine western world?

Anyway, back to the Russian response, in addition to thispromise to defend Iran militarily, the Russians added that any attack against Iran using nuclear weapons will be met with an immediate nuclear response.

The scenario could play out as follows: Israel nukes Iran's facilities. Russia nukes Tel Aviv, America Nukes back and the whole world goes up!!!

Does this fool on the radio calling for precision strategic attacks realise that in reality he is calling for a full blown global nuclear war?


Stephen Irwin said...

What amused me about the guy on the radio show is how he "imagined" what a "strategic strike" would be.

I bet he can't imagine what it's like to be on the receiving end of that lot. It's people like *him* who have no regard for human life, never mind the knife chavs who are hijacking the news at the moment.

So anyway... global nuclear war. Just to clarify.. that would be a Bad Thing would it?

Ken said...

Would it be a bad thing? Well, on the bad side of things, yeah.

On balance, would I rather have a global nuclear war or a day trip to Blackpool? Blackpool edges it. only just, but it wins on points.

What would it be like? (the nuclear war, not Blackpool) I think it will get rather warm, rather quickly..... at least momentarily. Then, after a little while, we would not have to worry about global warming anymore. Nuclear winters are quite cold, I believe. Farming would be.....problematic. Water would be polluted and undrinkable, London would be gone completely, but we would still have a Government, so the worst of all worlds really.

That this man imagined what a strategic strike would be like? I know. The man is clearly a product of Murdoch media. Completely brainwashed.

Strategic strikes are lovely things. A very clever intelligent missile with a camera on it flies down the chimney of those nasty nuclear weapons factories and then the picture on the TV goes all fuzzy.

That is a strategic strike to him. No blood, no political, military or asynchronous warfare aftermath, just a cut back to a happy news conference filled with happy generals and a supine media back-slapping each other for passing off a fake video created on a computer in Florida presented as a successful strategic strike. Then cut to the football results.

Only this time, with Iran, there would be no news conference, because as soon as those nukes go off around Iran, the response will be pretty much immediate. The only news would be on the emergency response radios. It will be old and it will be looping.

There is no way that there can be an easy, quick way to stop Iran's nuclear program. The only people that want to try are those who have a vested interest in creating the culmination of the end-times.