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I apologise for my blatant error. Davis does NOT stand for freedom or liberty.

I (along with many frustrated people in this country) was played for a fool. David Davis MP and Shami Chakrabati, of the Liberty organisation, played us all for fools. The real reason is that they are being used by the system, (that they falsely claim to oppose) to be the tool that softens resistance to the imposition of a "Big Brother" state. When they turn and claim that ID cards, or a microchip in everyone is required, then it CAN'T be that it is the big nasty state that is enforcing something un-necessary on us. I mean, if David Davis, the leading light on conservative libertarian idealism is proposing this (and he will) then it MUST be necessary.... right?

The same "powers that be" were going to use Gordon Brown in the same way on the Euro single currency. His skeptisism was fake. The proof is that he has secretly seen to it that the Lisbon Treaty has now been fully ratified by the British Government, (they have delivered the signed deal to Rome) contrary to his promise to wait for the outcome of an appeal on the legality of refusing a direct promise to hold a referendum on this treaty in the manifesto upon which he was elected.

When the previous Blair government felt that they would have had about 40% support for scrapping the pound and introducing the Euro, then Gordon would have had a dramatic change of heart, based on some made up economic law that would have been widely published and supported by a totally supine mainstream media and lo, a huge chunk of opposition to the Euro would vanish. I mean, if the "Iron Chancellor" was now in favour? it MUST be necessary. They could have won a referendum on such measures. However, the powers that be did not reckon on the chancellor's two main character flaws. His abject cowardice combined with his enormous ego and desire to be PM. He knew that if this did not work, then he would never be PM. So he bottled the issue. There never quite was a figure of 40% in favour of the Euro anyway, so he became PM and gave the whole system away to the EU in grubby secretive deals. Signing the treaty alone; forcing the treaty through both houses of Parliament with the hypocritical support of the Liberals, both parties having to ditch their own election promises to do so. Having the Queen sign the deal and then despite a promise to wait to October and the outcome of a House of Lords appeal, thus ratifying the treaty that closes the door on ever being able to peacefully become a free independent nation once more. But I digress, what has that to do with David Davis?

Well it is the same sort of bare faced treachery at work. As the diary below demonstrates, the whole "big brother by election" was a great big sham and con job. Designed and controlled in such a way as to manipulate the debate so that it would firmly establish in people's minds and perceptions that David Davis becomes the leader of public opinion on issues of liberty, freedom and "the big brother state". That way, when the "system" needs to soften public opinion, all that they have to do is get Shami and David to say, "look, if I am in favour of this new measure, and sadly in the light of the recent [insert problem reaction solution event here] unfortunately there clearly IS a need for [insert Big Brother toolkit solution here]." And much of the Davis and Liberty supporting opposition will crumble.

Anyway, below is the Journal of a person who witnessed first hand the deliberate control, the shutting down of debate, the refusal of liberty to assemble and question, as this former supporter of David Davis became so dissillusioned with the whole sham. The journal is republished here with permission from the author and copied from the David Icke website.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Journal of a Sham Election

By a Concerned Citizen

This is the journal of a local person who supported the David Icke stand in the Big Brother by-election and took her own personal action to get key questions answered by David Davis, the man who said he triggered the election to highlight the impositions of surveillance cameras, ID cards, the DNA database and the law allowing 'terrorist suspects' to be held without charge for 42 days.

As the David Icke team soon realised, and this journal records, the 'Big Brother' by-election was not an 'election' at all. It was a coronation for David Davis with all others, and the wider debate, excluded from this stage-managed sham.

If we have to rely on David Davis MP and Shami Chakrabati of the Liberty organisation to protect us from Big Brother then we're in serious trouble.

Picture this, it’s the evening of the 10th July and I am standing in a sports centre witnessing the count for the Haltemprice and Howden by-election, and also the biggest sham and travesty, personally, I have ever been witness to. Elections are only rigged in America aren’t they?! Plenty of characters are here and I had the pleasure of meeting most of the candidates. Mr. Davis is floating around with an almost stupid grin on his face, basking in the glory of his fair and balanced open debate on Big Brother.

I had to laugh as I watched the man who I had witnessed personally over the past previous few days, squirm and lie to his voters bare faced. Of course, as we all know he won the seat for Haltemprice and Howden making him an MP. Now to the casual observer this process may have appeared open, balanced and fair, but believe me it was anything but. What I am about to describe to you is a version of events very different to the ones presented in the media. Hold on tight. This is in reverse chronological order and begins with ‘bosom buddies’ Mr. Davis and Shami Chakrabati’s cosy little debate on liberties in Willerby.

09/07/2008 – Willerby Manor Hotel

Excellent, I thought, another opportunity to ask Mr. Davis some more awkward questions. Today Mr. Davis was meeting with Shami Chakrabati (Head of Liberty) amongst others to discuss our ‘liberties’. I got there nice and early and was handing out a list of questions that David Icke would like to have asked Mr. Davis if he were not barred from his events! How ironic, eh? That Mr. Davis receives personal support from Bob Geldoff at Guildhall, and David Icke, the man who has written numerous books on the subject of Big Brother, a leading authority on the subject, is barred from the event?!?! Now alarm bells should be ringing!!

This is just one of the ways that the by-election has been hi-jacked and the debate stifled – ah yes, that reminds me – back to Shami and Mr. Davis. So there I was outside the Willerby Manor Hotel handing out question leaflets, and stating to people that David Icke had been banned from the Guildhall – when lo and behold the free public event that was advertised on Mr. Davis’ website was at the cost of five pounds! OK, I thought, I’ll go find out who I give my money to. By the time I had got from the hotel entrance to the conference room where the so-called debate was being held, it was constituent members only. My God I thought, what are these people afraid of? Certainly not moving the goalposts!

The world’s media attended this event and at least one camera captured not just my protests – but various other protests that fell on deaf ears. How ironic, once again, that a debate centred on liberties and freedom, and also attended by the Head of Liberty, left individuals at the door, shut out, voices silenced. If freedom of speech isn’t for everyone then it’s for no-one at all; and sadly on that day the point could not have been illustrated better.

Whilst the melee was going on outside the room where the debate was to be had, who should turn up but Shami herself, closely followed by the ‘puppet’ Mr. Davis. At this point Shan Oakes from the Green Party (candidate that came second to Mr. Davis in the sham by-election, yes she was excluded from this debate, too) sprinted across the hotel into the reception area and told Shami Chakrabati exactly what had just gone on.

For a split second I thought to myself ‘great, surely she will do or say something’, and then I remembered the question I was going to ask her if I could get in and her connections to Davis. Silly me, of course she isn’t going to do anything, maybe apart from forcing Andy Burnham, Culture Secretary, to apologise to her for suggesting Mr. Davis was conducting ‘late night, hand-wringing, heart-melting’ phone calls with her over the 42 days issue. On this one, I have to agree with Andy Burnham.

Shami disappears no doubt for some more ‘hand-wringing’ with Mr. Davis, and the outcome doesn’t change – we are not allowed entry to the debate. If Shami would like me to apologise I am available for some ‘late night, hand-wringing, heart-melting phone calls’ over issues of liberty and truly open debate.

Concentrating on Shami Chakrabati for the moment, I will record here what I was going to ask her. This should make it clear to all what perfect bedfellows Shami and Davis really are (just a shame they didn’t have the ideals of John and Yoko).

‘You have close ties to the British American Project, and are a Governor of the Ditchley Foundation. Both recruit up and coming young talent in various fields of business, and like the Bilderberg meetings, discussions are private and non-attributable. For liberty to mean anything process must be transparent. How can you justify your position as Director of Liberty in light of this?’

Seen as though I was not allowed to ask this fair and honest question, in a fair and open debate, I have no choice but to answer it myself. You have no justification for your position as Head of Liberty. On this day you stand accused of stifling debate, dodging questions, encouraging secret agenda debate and having no positive effects on the rights denied to the very people you claim to represent. You silenced the voice of open, truthful debate and replaced it with your order of debate, not the peoples.

Shami Chakrabati you and Mr. Davis should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves and resign forthwith. (After maybe a couple of ‘hand-wringing’ phone calls). Don’t you just love a good rant!?!? So that’s basically what happened on that day, and if we rewind a bit further, Mr. Davis, only the day before, is caught out, bare-faced lying to his constituents in Eastringham, near Howden (no media, maybe that’s why I was allowed in!).

7pm 08/07/2008 – Eastringham Village Hall, Near Howden

Again, another free public meeting wherein Mr. Davis wanted a ‘safe debate’, no ‘awkward questions’. On the panel tonight were Martin Bell (bless him, I loved the stories he regaled about war zones, cheese and fine wines but couldn’t help thinking, that’s not what this is about – nice and safe though) and a guy whose name escapes me who wrote ‘Taking Liberties’ – how ironic, again, that he should be sat next to a man that was, and is, doing exactly that!

The hall was reasonably well filled; I would say a comfortable 150 people attended and so began the phony debate. Mr. Davis addressed the issue of a Big Brother presence in England, and basically blamed the Labour Party. Martin read a poem, and as charmed as I was, by his charming befuddlement, I thought to myself ‘this isn’t a debate, this is more like a self-congratulatory party to celebrate the fact that we have achieved looking like we are having a debate and actually discussing nothing at all’.

Questions were then taken, and to no surprise at all, on my part, he wasn’t even looking in my direction. I had my hand raised to the ceiling! I think he recognized me too!! My hand still raised and thinking ‘damn, not going to be able to ask this question’, a guy, stood against the wall next to me, had actually had his hand up for me (don’t know your name but thank you!). Mr. Davis indicated for this man’s question and he duly informed him that he had his hand up for me! Result!! I stood up and asked him this:

Me: Fleishman-Hillard is a global PR firm representing companies that have introduced ID Cards in the US and Spain. Can you explain why your ‘Freedom Campaign’ website is set up by Fleishman-Hillard?

Davis: Well ... er ... well ... in the short time I had to set up this campaign I didn’t have time to look into the connections and what companies it was associated to ... blah blah blah.

Me (stood up): So then Mr. Davis, can you confirm or deny that you have been close friends with Kevin Bell for the past 20 years, who also happens to be the Vice President of Fleishman-Hillard? And Entrust, a client of Fleishman-Hillard, is responsible for your website, and is also responsible for 30million Spanish citizens ID Cards?

Right off on one; Mr. Davis rattled, his lie shown up to the high heavens, all in a bit of an uproar, party members telling me he’s heard what I just asked him, me saying that I know, I just wanted to make sure that the people had heard, still standing.

Davis: Sit down! Sit down! And I’ll answer the question.

Watch out for Mr. Davis’ turn about -

Me: If you don’t mind I would rather stand – it is all about civil liberties after all.

Laughter, the sweet sound of laughter……..I remained standing and listened to Mr. Davis’ pathetic back peddle

Davis: Er ... yes ... er ... well ... I ... actually… ... had a meeting with er ... Kevin Bell and he told me er ... .he didn’t believe er ... in them. Wouldn’t work, wouldn’t work.

Now, what worried me the most is not that Kevin Bell (Mr. Davis’ close friend of 20years) doesn’t believe ID cards will work, but Mr. Davis’ blatant lie about not even knowing the connection with regards to ID Cards; something integral to his stance against Big Brother. Oh Lordy, someone hold me up or beam me up. Old mates are you Mr. Davis? Why don’t you be honest about your connections? Or is it because you think that it wouldn’t lay well with the voters?

A man, who resigned from the Shadow Cabinet on the basis of challenging Big Brother, then has his website set up by the very same company that is responsible for 30million ID Cards. Or do you know the game you’re in? I suspect you do, or else you wouldn’t be lying about important facts such as these to the people who could potentially vote for you.

Mr. Davis was also asked at this event why David Icke had been turned away from the Guildhall despite having a ticket for the public event. Mr. Davis’ response to this was to move swiftly along to the next question. Maybe it’s because he didn’t want to answer the biggie:

‘You have been strongly supported in your stance against Big Brother by Ed Vaizey MP, Michael Grove MP and Colonel Tim Collins, who are all original signatories to ‘The Statement of Principles’ of the Henry Jackson Society, a Neocon or Neoconservative ‘think tank’, set up in Britain in 2005 and named after the US Senator Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson, one of the icons of the Neocon Movement in the US, that has controlled the Bush Administration since it came to power and orchestrated the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and the War on Terror in general.

This is the very same War on Terror that has been used to justify the introduction of the Big Brother society that you say you oppose.'

Once you start looking at the connections, money and glowing support for a one Mr. Davis, you start to see things, and the man that is now MP for Haltemprice and Howden in a very different light. Which brings me nicely to a conversation I had with George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, outside the Conservative Club in Willerby the very same morning. Once again a high profile figure turns out to support Mr. Davis on his stance against Big Brother. I turned up again to ask a reasonable question of Mr. Osborne. The Press Association was there, two or three newspapers, and the general stick of hypocrisy. He was duly interviewed and publicly supported Mr. Davis on his stance against Big Brother.

After waiting patiently and ingratiating myself as a budding reporter for the University Press; it went like this:

Me: Mr. Osborne, how do you justify your support for ...

Mr. Osborne: Wait ... wait ... hang on ... you haven’t told me your name or where you’re from, blah blah (trying to silence debate!)

Me: My name is ****** and I’m from the university and I really need to ask you this question and I really need you to listen (no cameras, but picked up on audio, not that the press will use it!).

Mr. Osborne: OK, OK (squirming and hopping).

Me: Mr. Osborne, how do you justify your support for David Davis and his stance on the Big Brother issue regarding your recent attendance of the Bilderberg meeting, a ‘think tank’ for World Government that has proposed a plan to microchip Americans under the pretext of fighting terrorism?

Mr. Osborne: Well ... er ... well ... I ... we don’t normally admit to being at such a meeting, but, er, on this occasion I think we can make an exception. Yes, I was at that meeting.

Me: Yes, in Chantilly, Virginia, I have your name on the attendance list here (Google Bilderberg meeting 2008).

Mr. Osborne (well puffed up and sure of himself): Well, yes I was there ... haw, haw ...laugh, laugh, but I can assure you microchips were not discussed.

Me (pulling out a report from reporting microchips being discussed and planned at the Bilderberg meeting he had attended): Well, if that’s the case Mr. Osborne you might want to read this; it says the complete opposite, in fact.

Mr. Osborne (backing off trying to make excuses): Er ... well ... thank you ... I will.

Me: I suggest you do, because your bosses are planning to recruit more ‘blue eyed, blonde haired terrorists’ making them almost impossible to recognise – thus giving them the excuse to microchip us all.

Mr. Osborne (walking away): Thank you ... anyway, must go and blah, blah, blah.

Me: Mr. Osborne, hang on, don’t walk away. You haven’t answered my question. How do you justify your support of Mr. Davis in light of this?

Mr. Osborne (must have slipped into standard response mode): Well, er ... er ... it’s all about individual civil liberties blah, blah.

Me (laughing): Please, how can you say that after attending a secret meeting only a month ago that discussed and proposed a microchip for every man, woman and child in America!?! (still laughing).

At this point Mr. Osborne fairly ran for the door, but did pause at the top of the steps of the Conservative Party Office to say: 'Thanks'.

Me (waving as I walked away): No problem Mr. Osborne. See you soon.

Again, in and around Mr. Davis’ campaign there are individuals supporting his stance on Big Brother, whilst at the same time having connections to the very substance of what Mr. Davis’ campaign opposes; ID Cards, microchips, Neocons, secret meetings and deliberate suppression of the truth out loud and proud. But hey, what better place to hide the corruption and lies of the ‘establishment’ that knows the people are becoming restless about Big Brother. Have a placeman, a yes man and the rest will follow. The appearance of a full and honest open debate. The placeman I am talking about here is Mr. Davis.

To conclude I would like to finish with my first encounter with Mr. Davis on the 5th July 2008 in Cottingham Church. It was a Saturday and raining hard.

05/07/2008Cottingham Church

I was stood outside a supermarket handing out election leaflets when I heard Mr. Davis was in the church. Excellent, my opportunity to ask him why he refuses to debate with David Icke (and others of course!). I briskly walk over to the church just hoping he was there and that I could have a chat with him. It couldn’t have gone any better. As I am walking down the aisle who should appear walking away from the altar towards me?!? Yes. Mr. Davis. I clocked him and as we both rounded a massive pillar in the church the conversation began:

Me (to Mr. Davis): Don’t suppose you’ve seen David Davis anywhere?

Davis (looking a bit puzzled): Well yes, that’s me…….

Me: Hi, pleased to meet you (shook hands). Could you tell me why you have refused to have an open debate with David Icke over the issue of Big Brother?

Davis: Ah yes well, time constraints plus too many candidates, there’s not enough time to debate. I mean would you want to debate with The Monster Raving Loony Party?

Me: Well….. (humouring him – everyone has the right to stand and be heard) regardless of time constraints, and the number of candidates, this debate still needs to be had at some point. It isn’t a localised problem, it is on a global scale and if we aren’t careful very soon we will be living in a Global Fascist Dictatorship. What’s your take on it?

Davis: My concerns are ID Cards, DNA Databases and cameras which are against civil liberties ...

Me (interrupting): I appreciate what you’re saying and agree with you – but the problem is global and connected, it’s a global Big Brother problem, not local.

Davis: Oh well, let’s sort out England first!

Me: It’s not a case of that, it’s a global problem. Have you heard of the Bilderbergs, Council for Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission?

Davis: No, never heard of any of them, and if it’s a global Big Brother, where’s your evidence?

Me: Oh I have evidence Mr. Davis. The question is will you read it and will you look at it? There’s no point in it being presented to you if you don’t do that.

Davis: Send it to me and I will.

At this point I asked Mr. Davis for a card or point of contact – which he responded to by saying I could send the evidence to the Conservative Party Office in Willerby. The information will be sent, but here is the address in full for anyone else wanting to enlighten him –

Conservative Party Office

32 Main Street



HU10 6BU

Tel: 01482 657938


So there we have it. You make your own mind up. But do remember; I’m not politically motivated nor a journalist - just an individual that has concerns and questions. And during this experience I had first hand, my concerns were confirmed, my questions unanswered.

The man that is now MP for Haltemprice and Howden is surrounded and protected by the Big Brother Agenda he is supposed to oppose; the agenda that he resigned over and the agenda that ultimately assured he was elected as MP. This debate was fake, controlled and contrived from start to finish. I am only glad that I was close enough to witness the hypocrisy, lies and deceit that passes for Democracy in this country, and county of Yorkshire. If you agree please feel free to distribute this journal far and wide.

With all my love,


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