Friday, April 20, 2012

How UKIP can make a breakthrough into Westminster in 2015

The real challenge for each and everyone of us who are now supporting UKIP is to build momentum, spread the truth about UKIP's policies in every area, give out the manifesto and show how all the current top three parliamentary parties are all the same, so if you disagree with what the last or current government did or does, the only option to change it is to vote UKIP.

By so doing we need to keep building support, keep encouraging people to vote FOR the policies they want, instead of reluctantly voting for one set of failed divisive, politically correct, left-liberal, corrupt corporate, big taxing, big spending, climate-changey, high immigration, EU dominated policies, to stop an identical bunch of failed divisive, politically correct, left-liberal, corrupt corporate,
big taxing, big spending, climate-changey, high immigration, EU
dominated policies being implemented, or just as bad, not voting at all, because the labour and coalition parties make voting seem irrelevant.

By so doing we must build massive support leading into the European parliamentary elections so that UKIP can WIN those elections outright in the UK.  That should create enough of a buzz and momentum to start us winning in Westminster too.  Whereas in 2009, few people used twitter, facebook etc... for political campaigning or getting news. The mainstream media managed to downplay the significance of UKIP thrashing liberal democrats and labour and coming second overall in that national election. In that election, UKIP beat the party of government in a national election. 
However conservative voters who lent UKIP their vote, wanted to defeat labour almost as much as they wanted to breathe. SO the vote went back to the tories, and the 3-4% core UKIP support was ignored at the following general election by people like me who held our nose and went back to voting conservative in my local marginal constituency to try to defeat labour.

The challenge for UKIP will be to increase our support nationally in these upcoming local elections to prove we are a growing force.  There is a risk that the 8 - 11% polling numbers we now attract, either will not vote after all, or change back to their tribal habits, once in the voting booth, if they do vote.

The challenge NOW is that we MUST get the UKIP vote out in these May elections.

Then the next challenge is to WIN the European elections in the UK.

Then the next challenge after that is to RETAIN the support of those voters.

This did not work in 2010. However I believe the that there are very powerful reasons that next time will be different. Why? Three main reasons:
  1. Next time, former conservative voters would not be too keen to revert back to the conservatives, because we have seen for ourselves how we still do not get conservative policies, by voting conservative.
  2. If we are destined for labour policies under tory or labour or coalition, then labour may as well win and rightly get the blame for those policies failing, rather than the tories.
  3. There will be a hell of a lot more UKIPPERS  making a hell of a lot more noise about WINNING A NATIONAL ELECTION OUTRIGHT! via all sorts of social and alternative media, so that the BBC and SKY ignoring us will become irrelevant, or even another unique selling point.  "They are ignoring us, because we are the ONLY party that can challenge the establishment's corrupt and incompetent status quo, instead of embracing and endorsing and encouraging it."
IF we can win the European elections outright, then that fact alone should grant UKIP a hell of a big credibility boost and challenge the notion that UKIP are a tiny fringe and protest party, that many busy "mainstream" voters still falsely believe.

If you love this country and want to save it from the damage of foreign and left wing policies, then we all have a LOT of work to do spreading a GREAT message of hope and optimism and opportunity.

Let us all rise to that task.  It is now time to step up, put up and get to work!

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