Monday, April 16, 2012

My plea to Lord Tebbit.

I am so sorry that this is long, but it has to be said, Norman.

What the effete metropolitan elite media and political types now call the "centre ground of politics" is what I call far left wing corporatism. This shows how far the great social experiment of Blair and the BBC/Guardian/Times alliance took this nation to the left.

Decent rational and common sense conservative policies are now considered "swivel eyed lunacy", not only by the left wing media, but also, shamefully, by the mainstream politicians of the conservative party leadership.

Norman, I have faithfully and loyally supported the conservative party for 32 years. Since Mrs Thatcher's historic 1979 win. Her devotion to this country and to those who want to be self reliant, decent, responsible, hard working was never in doubt. My solid working class upbringing in this, normally solid labour constituency had me out campaigning for the Conservatives when we were winning this seat under Thatcher. We lost the seat to Blair's new labour but I still campaigned against Blairism for all I was worth.

I was thrown out of pubs for saying Blair was a dangerous control freak and our liberties would be threatened by him. I was ridiculed, abused and assaulted for still supporting "those evil tories" during the late 1990s and early 2000s. I was proven right by Blair's own paranoid totalitarian tendencies.

I do not regret a second that I have devoted over the years of my time and loyalty to the conservative party, because I agreed with conservative values and principles and I agreed with most of their policies.

Now, however, my loyalty counts for nothing. My party has totally abandoned my principles and values and now embraces, promotes and implements the very same Blairism that I fought hard and long against.

I did not give my support, loyalty and service to the conservative party for decades, and spend most of the last 20 years fighting Blairism, only for Cameron to embrace and implement the core values and policies of Blairism. Even worse, it is an undiluted Blairism. Blair has stated that he regretted not being bolder and going further in implementing his Blairite vision. Regretably, Cameron HAS been so bold as to implement an unfettered, unrestrained Blairism. We have a Cameron party which is more "progressive" than new labour and more "New labour" than new labour and the wets running the party call devoted, loyal, hard-working members "swivel eyed lunatics" and wonder why these members are leaving in droves to either not vote at all, or vote UKIP?

Norman, How can you stand to see the hard working loyal and decent members of your party, my former party, so betrayed?

I would love to campaign for the conservative party again. However, how can I possibly campaign for the very same Blairite policies I despise?

Can I campaign and vote for the following?

How can I vote for lower taxes?
How can I vote for smaller, less intrusive government?
How can I vote for real Euroscepticism?
How can I vote for a referendum on EU membership?
How can I vote for real scientifically driven climate change and energy policy and not a communist derived, politically motivated, flawed-model driven policy?
How can I vote for cutting uncontrolled immigration?
How can I vote for an end to divisive contradictory "politically correct" policies of segregation, discrimination and oppression and outlawing the freedom of thought and opinion? Rather than a policy that genuinely treats all people as being of equal value and worth with the same God given rights with freedom of thought, opinion and expression, regardless of colour, race, gender, sexual orientation, or background?
How can I vote for cutting spending in real terms?
How can I vote for ending the ECHR?
How can I vote for stopping the UK being a haven for criminals and terrorists with their rights protected by law, rather than their potential and actual victims?
How can I vote for a party that is economically conservative and one which will not fall back on QE to solve their problems?
How can I vote for an end to merging our military with that of France?
How can I vote for a party that is tough on law and order?
How can I vote for for a party that is tough on welfare and the workshy?
How can I vote for a party whose deficit reduction plan reduces the deficit by significantly more than the <1% difference from labour's Alistair Darling plan?
How can I vote for a party which opposed totalitarian snooping into all our electronic communications?
How can I vote for a party which will re-introduce jury trials for all crown court cases.
How can I vote for a flat level of tax which will close all the tax loop-holes?
How can I vote for a party which supports open, free competition of free market economics, and not corrupt corporatism and the part privatisation of state functions, which stiffs the tax-payer, kills competition and makes some crony rich?
How can I vote for increased democratic accountability through swiss-style local referenda?
How can I vote for a party which rewards hard-work and self-reliance, instead of penalising it with bundles of EU generated and UK-gold plated red tape?

By voting conservative, labour or Liberal democrat, I will be voting against all these issues. The conservative party is on the same side as labour and the liberals, on the wrong side of all the above issues.

I can vote for all those things, IF I vote UKIP.

I see no sign whatsoever that any of the current Parliamentary conservative party is going to change course on ANY of the above list. There is no sign that the conservative party is ever going to even acknowledge the concerns of the grass roots, let alone listen to them, or even (heaven forbid) do anything about them, at all.

Norman, please do the decent thing and join UKIP.

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